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A Day at the Bangalore Turf Club

Bangalore Turf Club is a prestigious association of race horse owners and organizers of competitions associated with race horses. Many in India regard it as the first stone from where horse racing spread to other parts of the country. Even today, some of the finest horses are bred and trained here. The facilities available at the club are among the finest in India. The place hosts several important competition and equestrian events. The club has the entire compilation of facilities and setups required to organize and host horse racing events. It even has a training facility for stallions and mares, including an equestrian training pool.

Bangalore Turf Club

The Bangalore Turf Club is located on the Race Course Road. Covering almost 85 acres, the club houses an assortment of a grass track, training tracks, offices, stables and even a riding school. In terms of size, it is not among the largest ones of its kind. The size of the race course may be on the lower end but the well managed features of it more than compensates for this. The main racing track totals 1950 meters with sharp turns. Broadly, it is shaped in the form of an oval. The stands can house thousands of spectators on racing days. Moreover, the offices are plush along with the jockey restrooms. The first impression on entering the grounds of the club can be positive but it is only when you see the rest of the ground that you realize the magnanimity of the place. But it has a fitting welcome to a club of such importance.

A distinct signboard on the gate says Turf Club Bangalore and mentions the year of its establishment. Inside the trail would lead you to the place where ticketing is done. The place has been landscaped beautifully. If you are looking for a tour, it would be best not to miss out even a single inch. Guided tours are available on request. The club is a favorite among those who love betting on horse races. It provides facilities for people to purchase tickets. Offline counters for placing bets have been set up at some other places in Bangalore too. For those visiting the Bangalore Turf Club for the first time, the setting may be mesmerizing. The vast expanse of green that meets the eye can be soothing. The track that completes the view rims on the outer edge of the turf. The main racing track is made of grass.

a day at the Bangalore turf club

Bangalore Turf Club has had an illustrious history. Since the days of the World War, the club has been instrumental in training fine breeds of horses. As the war ended, it was turned into a recreational center. The club has some of India’s finest jockeys. Time has not turned this center into irrelevance. If anything, it is still a place one can visit and have a good time. Even if horse racing is not your thing, a visit can be a good way of relieving yourself and helping you unwind.

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