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Airport Cabs in Bangalore

Airport Cabs in Bangalore

If you are looking for cabs to take you to and fro the Bangalore International Airport, this is just the right article to read. For a start, let us consider the following characteristics of the official cab operators at the aforesaid airport
  1. The services offered by the cab operators are safe and highly convenient for the overwhelming majority of the airport population.
  2. The cab operators are easily accessible and no elaborate procedures have to be followed in order to avail such services.
  3. Journeys undertaken in these cabs are highly cost-efficient, for these cabs cater to the needs of both high-end vehicle users as well those looking for economical options.
  4. Magnificently maintained, air conditioned sedans are at your disposal if you hire these cab operators.

Taxi Service Providers in Bengaluru

Now that you are fully convinced of the efficacy of the airport cabs Bangalore, we can take a look at the various organizations who offer such exquisite services in the city. The three main taxi service providers with a holistic range of vehicles in their repository are outlined below:

1. Mega Cabs

With an established and time tested brand value to its credit, Mega airport cabs Bangalore happens to be the first GPRS Radio Taxi service provider in the whole country. The reach of Mega cabs surpasses the limits of Bangalore and goes deep into the numerous pockets of busy Indian cities like Kolkata, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Amritsar. Toyota Etios and Tata Indigo are the two brands that dominate the huge fleet of nearly three thousand cabs under the umbrella of Mega Cabs. This cab service was born way back in 2002 in the city of Delhi.

Fares and Payments
All payments for availing the cab service are supposed to be made by the customer after the journey is over and a printed electronic receipt is provided to him following the payment. The mode of payment may either be cash or credit/debit cards.
  • For the first 4 kilometers, flag down fare = Rs 80; for every kilometer thereon , fare = Rs 19.50
  • No waiting charges apply for the first twenty minutes of the journey
  • An extra ten percent is charged on the normal fare during night hours.
  • No luggage charges for the first 120 kilograms; Rs 5 for every addition of 5 kilograms thereon.


This is an abbreviation for Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation an organization that has the reputation of being the largest tour operator in the state of Karnataka. Besides providing a range of services for travelers interested in wandering through picturesque state, KSTDC provides cab services that ferry travelers from the city to the airport and vice versa.

Not many airport cabs Bangalore can boast of having the facilities that the KSTDC regularly extends to its customers from GPS/GPRS facilities and transparent billing mechanisms to sophisticated printing machines, this organization equips travelers with all the paraphernalia that is generally required for a delightful journey.

Fares and payments: Same as Mega Cabs

3. Meru Cabs

If you are looking for airport cabs Bangalore that are specifically renowned for their efficient operations and timely responses to customer queries, then Meru Cabs is the finest option that you can go for. Born in 2007, this taxi service provider is well known for the sophisticated technology that it employs in its day-to-day operations. Maruti Esteem and Tata Indigo occupy the lion’s share of the more than 5000 strong fleet of cabs under Meru. Steadily permeating its services into commercially important Indian cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai, Meru Cabs’ impactful growth in the last few years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Fares and payments: Same as Mega Cabs

4. Airport Buses in Bangalore

Travelers on the lookout for cheaper options to go from the airport to the other areas of Bangalore can consider the option of airport buses in Bangalore, most of which are operated by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). At present, the airport bus service under BMTC is broadly bifurcated into two main types -

  • BMTC AC Volvo Bus Service Better known as the Vayu Vajra buses, these air conditioned shuttle buses provide travelers with a magnificent combination of comfort, luxury and affordability. The rates are not too high, inspite of the fact that the buses are fully equipped with modern day air conditioning facilities these rates may vary from Rs 80 to Rs 200, catering to the needs of a large spectrum of customers.
  • BMTC Non-AC Shuttle Bus If you are not happy with air conditioning arrangements or do not need them altogether, then the BMTC non-AC option is perfect for you. The rates are divided into three strata of RS 50, 80 and 100 which makes these buses highly useful to those who are interested in economical ways to travel. This bus service is better known as Suvarana or Parisaravahini.

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