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The Amazing Weather of Bangalore

Amazing Weather of Bangalore

Bangalore’s weather is a talking point as it has been ranked among the top 8 cities of the world for innovation and ideal for living. Located at midway of the Indian peninsula at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level, Bangalore’s uniform weather throughout the year makes it perfect for residing and business and hence it is dubbed as the IT hub or Silicon Valley of India. Moreover, the green cover in the city makes up the scenic and serene landscape - great panoramic shots for its residents and tourists! With a salubrious climate persistent year around, residents of Bangalore don’t have to worry about making a dash for cooler places like Himachal during summers.

Bangalore remains cool during summer and winter with occasional rain and thundershowers never letting the temperature soar to scorching heights and this account for business ventures, outsourcing giants, swanky Malls and MNCs seeking haven in the city. With a growth rate of 1.3 % in boosting the Indian economy, Bangalore scores profits up to 33% from the IT sector and add up to 35% of India’s IT exports.

Several marathons with no hotshot contributors are organized in Bangalore from February to August pulling in huge enthusiasts and fitness freaks running for miles but never feeling exhausted, all thanks to the wonderful climate. It has been proven that Bangalore’s climate acts as a tonic for ailing patients who are advised to visit places with moderate and cool climate and thus innumerable advanced health care facilities and hospitals have emerged in the city.

The awesome weather accelerates a person’s physical fitness and enthusiasm and thus Bangalore excels in innovative techniques and in field of R&D. With a cosmopolitan outlook, Bangalore is crowned as the most livable cities in India. During summer months, if a person wants to avoid the heat (which is still less compared to other metro cities in India); he/she is at liberty to head to several tourist destinations like Coorg, Mysore, Pondicherry and Ooty with lots of adventure activities and places to unravel i.e. waterfalls, mystic caves, trails etc.

Bangalore’s unique location; lying equi-distance from the equator and below the tropic of cancer makes for an amazing climate which doesn’t vacillate and thus it also helps in reducing air conditioning needs. People who work here don't feel like their energy getting sapped by the climate. It is never humid in Bangalore, a problem most metro cities in India suffer from. So residents of Bangalore doesn’t have to suffer from sticky, humid heat wave conditions prevailing in summer months although at times the temperature soars up to 36oC. However since Bangalore gets rainfall throughout the year and mostly during July- October, residents might have to roam around the city with an umbrella to avoid sporadic spells of shower.

Bangalore’s weather boosts its capital as recently in 2012 the IT hub obtained $300 million as foreign aid investment. Overall, it is the ideal city to live in and reside in for Indians and tourists as well as for those visiting from abroad and residing on job or assignment purposes. The most intriguing fact to be noted is that there are other cities located at the same altitude as Bangalore but none of these have an excellent weather like the Indian city. The reason for Bangalore’s popularity within and outside India as well and the never ending interest of techies and working people to reside and shift base to the IT hub is clearly the exotic weather.

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