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Art and Culture in Bangalore

Bangalore was born as a multi cultural city. Having over 60% of migrants residing inside the Garden City of India, it is one of the most diverse countries in terms of ethnicity. May it be Palaces or Forts, Museums/ Monuments or Art Galleries, famous markets or eating joints, you name it and Bangalore has it. Not just has it but is rich in all of them.

From Lalbagh to Vidhan Soudha, Gavi Gangadhareswar Temple to Venkatappa Art Gallery; Rock Bands to Concerts, Theatre to Fashion Shows; Bangalore has a unique flavor of each one of them breathing from its history.

art and culture in bangalore

Language & Religion in Bangalore

Kannada is the most commonly spoken language in Bangalore apart from Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. The wide variety of population makes it a perfect blend of different religions, traditions, castes, communities etc. and this is why it is also the fastest growing city in India. The main religion followed in this city is Hinduism. Along with this, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity and Islam are also practiced well.

Festivals in Bangalore

Bangalore’s oldest festival ‘Bengaluru Karaga’ also famous as ‘Karaga Shaktyotsava’ is the most important event of this city. Diwali & Dussehra are the next main festivals celebrated with extreme delight and fervor as a hallmark of the old kingdom (Mysore). The streets are filled with dancing crowds and lights also on Ugadi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Sankranthi and Chrismas.

Entertainment in Bangalore

Bangalore is the birthplace of Kannada Film Industry. This ball of fame is the 5th largest in terms of revenue generation and delivers more than 100 movies per year. You will never get bored of Bangalore because of such high number of niche shopping malls, street markets, theme parks, movie theaters and eating joints. From famous art galleries like Bangalore Art Gallery, Corridors of Color, Abstract Art Gallery et al, to popular restaurants in the city like Eclipse, Cross Over, Cliftons and Dolphins; Bengaluru (former Bangalore) has all what you need out of a metro city!

Music in Bangalore

After movies, Bangalore-ians are crazy for rhythms in there ear.  Evolving from the Janapadas, the passion for music has made Bangalore the Rock-City of the nation. All the National & International musicians and Rock bands like Eminem, Akon, Flo-Rida, Lamb of God, Metallica, Tiesto, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Backstreet Boys, Carlos Santana, David Guetta, Korn, Jay Sean, and Children of Bodom et al have their foot impressions on Bangalore’s grounds.

What is more interesting is that most of them have had their debut Indian performances here. Some of the eminent names attached with this city are Lucky Ali, Raghu Dixit, Shimoga Subbanna.

Cuisine in Bangalore

Food has always been a religion to Bangalore-ians. Because of this strong indulgence in quality food, restaurants here, are budding one after the other on the streets of the Garden City. Restaurants & Hotels in Bangalore offer delicious, mouth watering multi-cuisine dishes on the platter which no man can resist. Apart from this, pub city also spoils you with its pub tradition. Starting from Chinese, Continental, Fusion or Indian and ending in the trance of cocktails and hard drinks! This is how Bangalore is!

So, gear up for this traditional Bangalore with a modern twist!

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