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Arts in Bangalore

Bangalore being a major business and entertainment hub of the south, attracts a lot of artists and art enthusiasts from around the globe. It is the very same reason why so many budding artists are choosing Bangalore as their second home. Not just the weather and the electrifying atmosphere, but also the understanding of art skills among the visitors and curators has helped in making Bangalore one to top destination for the artists.

Talking about the art galleries, one can find an exclusive range of Indian paintings by innovative and creative artists has filled the art galleries, some which creates goosebumps, others which enthralls the visitor's experience. The galleries contain a wide range of different painting styles such as Abstract Paintings, Landscape Paintings and Figurative Paintings.

Most of these paintings are carried out in different mediums such as Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Charcoal Paintings. Contemporary Art has been growing popularity among Indian audiences. These art galleries act as a medium to spread both modern and contemporary art to masses.

Galleries in Bangalore delivers the best Indian art form by various renowned artist and painters. The galleries presents a wide collection of finest contemporary Indian art. They presents a new form of art style named "'Chennai Maadri 2" which showcase the flavor and twist from the south. The Bangalore art galleries presents the best painting to sell contemporary art in this now-struggling economy. 

Apart from the regular art, there are other art forms which have flourished in the city like since ages like the Stone art, while there are others which have been established due to fondness like the nail art or the cake art.

Let's have a look at some of the prevailing art forms in Bangalore

Stone art Bangalore

Stone Art in Bangalore

Stone art adds beauty to homes and garden and give unique look, which distinguishes your home from others. You can feature stones at outdoor patio, garden feature or a stone kitchen floor or fireplace to look more creative and beautiful. You can decorate your home exterior and interior with stones and can experience a lovely view of your home and garden. Stone art bring your home interior look unique and stylish. Stone art is also known as Pietra dura.

Stone Art in Bangalore lets you experience unique artistic designs with high quality stonework. Stone art is unique and creative in itself which gives a real sense of age and invites people to explore more what's on the other side.

Wall Art Bangalore

Wall Art in Bangalore

Wall Art brings your walls to life with modern and eco-friendly designs. Wall art in Bangalore provides complete end-to-end art solutions to bring your walls look beautiful. Exclusive varieties of designs starting from conceptualization stage to execution are available in Bangalore. Every art style offered by Wall Art is created with highest quality in mind and with great precision. We are a professionally managed organization that provides customized art solutions under following categories.

Have you ever seen wall can talk? Yes wall art let this happen. Wall art is unique art style, which adds soul to brick and stone. Let your wall talk with wall art. Wall art adds life to the lifeless objects. The Wall art style adds an extra dimension to interiors.

Nail Art in Bangalore

Nail art in Bangalore

To make your nail look beautiful parlors have devised a new technique and named it "nail art". Do you want to make your nail beautiful, you can try nail art available in a variety of parlors in Bangalore. Few parlors in this category are Bangalore Mobile Spa, Elan nail studio & Spa and many more are in the list. These parlor gives your nail a new look with wide range of accessories according to the occasion or festival. Matching to your mood you can incorporate different designs ranging from elegant to funky, wedding to light colored designs. Your hand can be a centre of attraction with this beautiful art. In this growing age of modernity ladies want something unique and attractive. Nail art are available variety of designs at the most reasonable price.

Masala Art Bangalore

Masala art is mostly involved with the culinary art skills. There are many places in Bangalore where you can enjoy the best Masala art or the best dining experience in an amazing ambiance. Here you will be served with a variety of vegetarian or non-vegetarian food depending upon your choice. The restaurant staff won't let you wait for a long time to serve you. You can come here with your family to spend awesome time in weekend with some special offers and delicious taste. An extensive array of dishes are available here such as North-western, Mughlai cuisine, Punjabi dishes and off the most famous South Indian dishes.

Cake Art Bangalore

Cake Art is acquiring more prominence in Bangalore not only as a profession but to show individuals feeling towards beloved ones. Many techniques and tools are now available to decorate cake. With the growing trend of cake art more innovative and creative designs of cake art are seen in parties and festivals. Sugar crafting is one of the most famous cake art, it creates different design and adds sugar too. Cake art is in its infancy in India, but it is more popular in other countries like Singapore.

National Gallery of modern Art

National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery of modern Art is established by Indian government in New Delhi with its branches in Mumbai and Bangalore. The art gallery has taken initiative to save and preserve the modern art since 1850s. The main aim behind the art gallery is to encourage modern art in society with original work of art. The art gallery is filled with a number of painting from renowned Indians artists like Raja Ravi Verma, Nandalal Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Thomas Jamini Roy, Daniell, Gaganendranath Tagore, Amrita Sher-Gil, Abanindranath Tagore as well as foreign artists.

Modern art changes the way the world experiences art. Modern Art is an important and fundamental part of our society. A good art should be accessible to everyone.

Art Classes in Bangalore

Art Classes in Bangalore

A number of art classes have been established in Bangalore such Priyanka's Gallery, Kavita Vardhan's Art Classes, Art Therapy And Abstract Painting and others. Art classes in Bangalore are opened to develop individual interest in art and make them a good artist. Art Classes are made for all age group people from children to adults.

Art has a unique feature which allows your mind and heart to bring your imagination into reality and freshen up your soul. Art allows to develop better concentration in children. Akrschoolofart is also an amazing art class in Bangalore that refines the talent and presents a creative artist. Claystation is an art classes in Bangalore build to encourage art made by clay materials. The majority of school and colleges have also started art colleges in their institution to polish student's talent towards art and let them know the real importance of Indian art in our culture. 

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