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Reasons To Attend Comic Con In Bangalore

In contrast to save loads of money being spent attending the Comic Con in San Diego USA; a group of enthused youths initiated their own Comic Con in Delhi which eventually fanned out to several cities in India including  Bangalore. The original Comic Con which kicked off in the 1970s in San Diego of USA as an annual convention or assembly (a get together) of comic books has now spread its wings across the globe encompassing a genre of artistic creation comprising comic books, TV, merchandise, food, toys, anime, video games, movies and geek culture or popular (known as Pop culture).

The annual Comic Con is a great platform a reason to celebrate with fans, exhibitioners and partners of all genres over a range of themes while sharing their views and passion for comics and pop culture.

Reasons to attend the Comic Con in Bangalore

Too much for Comic book fan!

Comic Con Bangalore provides enough feed for comic book admirers. From international and national book launches, encounters with celebrities, authors and attendees, game launches, gaming previews, personal interactions with authors and gaming heroes, experimental zones, Cosplay ( a costume contest arena) and tons of prizes and participation contests; Comic Con Bangalore beckons its lovers with arms wide open. To put it another way, there is simply no excuse to avoid attending the annual Comic Con in Bangalore as the reasons to attend overpower its negative opponents.

Amazing Cosplays

The Comic Con in Bangalore occurred in the month of April this year from 3rd-5th April between 8 am -11pm drawing crowds and its ardent fans in numbers organized at the White Orchid Convention Centre in Hebbal, Karnataka. The Convention was graced by colorful stalls, exhibitions, book launches and sale (comics and graphic novels), food, guests, artistes, Cosplay arena attracting participants in weird costumes and hairdos with weirdo accessories with crowds of all ages and footfall surpassing the estimated numbers.

Reasons to attend the Comic Con in Bangalore

No event at the Comic Con Bangalore fascinates youths and teens like the Cosplay Costume Contest involving fans donning costumes of their darling characters from the genres- anime, comic book, graphic novel, gaming , Sci-Fi, Fantasy with great rewards and trips to Comic Con held abroad along with prizes like Xbox etc sponsored by Microsoft.

It is quite amusing to catch glimpses of fans dressed up as their comic book and gaming characters’, likes of Wolverine, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and many more.  The event is a colorful melee of food stalls, book stalls, gaming zones with petite girls decked up in fashionable apparel as well as boys who dress up in a stylish way too.

Big comic brands and celebrities under one roof!

Individuals insipired by comic books have all the more reason to attend Comic Con in Bangalore due to the opportunity to witness book launches by publishing houses like Hachette India, Harper Collins Publications, Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and so on. Attendees of the Comic Con can catch a glimpse of their favorite artists, illustrators and authors at the Artists Alley and Small Press Area talking about their projects and work.

Reasons to attend the Comic Con in Bangalore

The magnet of the Comic Con in Bangalore are celebrity artistes from gaming or Sci-Fi /Fantasy series and this year’s star attraction were Daniel Portman and Natalia Tena from the popular TV series Game of Thrones whereby they interacted with their fans, signed autographs, posed for selfies. Besides accessories like customized and embossed T-shirts, pens, books, bags, posters, key chains, mugs, phone accessories with favorite character graphics and loads of merchandise are sold and displayed at the Comic Con in Bangalore that can’t be missed.

Throwback your childhood!

Although the Comic Con is a bit international in flavor yet it tries to retain its Indian flavor to some extent with graffiti, paintings and posters like the Hulk and other characters with Indian captions and superlatives. Indian book launches are comparatively less in number as the craze for Marvel Comics and Hollywood gaming is far too high. Yet Tinkle, Tantri the Mantri, and Raj Comics do make their impression felt in an impressive manner with a collection of books sale (Rs.125/- each) amidst the tough competition from their foreign counterparts at the Comic Con Bangalore.

The entry fee for attending Comic Con Bangalore is Rs. 450/- per person and the audience keeps increasing every year thus inspiring the creators of the desi Comic Con to organize the event in a more vigorous way and make it a popular event by spanning it to as many cities as possible within the Indian Subcontinent.

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