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Autos in Bangalore

Set against the backdrop of the verdant Deccan Plateau in south eastern Karnataka is the picturesque city of Bangalore – the third most populous city in India, with a glorious reputation of attracting the best entrepreneurial minds to itself. India’s march to the pinnacle of excellence and perfection, through the decades following Independence has been breathtaking – a phenomenon that now entails rapid expansion of its metropolitan population. Bangalore is one of those destinations in our country that supports such needs – besides being home to some of the best minds and ideas, the city has also galvanized itself into the central repository of the nation’s Information Technology resources. This has earned for Bangalore the epithet of ‘Silicon Valley of India’.

Autos in Bangalore

However, there a few things that one has to keep in mind before embarking on a journey to Bangalore- these are the things that outsiders need to know about Bangalore, to avoid getting trapped in unnecessary predicaments while traveling around the newly born city. And, any person who has even slightest of the knowledge about the ways of the city can explicitly state that autos in Bangalore constitute one of the most important sections of intra-city transport. This makes a modest understanding of the nitty gritty of autos in Bangalore a must for anyone who wishes to visit the city.

1. People wishing to avail the services of autos in Bangalore must never let the autos choose them from the roadside or auto-stand. Infact, the body language of the visitor must be such that the auto drivers are unable to sense their need for transport. People should thus chose the auto for themselves, by making judgements of their own, without letting the drivers call them in.

2. Before you get into any one of the umpteen autos in Bangalore, you need to check the religious adherence of the auto driver. Even though this statement, coming in the 21st century, might appear to be ridiculous and a sign of sure shot imbecility of the writer, it acquires a lot of importance in case of auto drivers. Though most of them are free from all sorts of religious protocols, some do follow them. And, for those who do, you need not worry much about their credentials. Most of the residents of Bangalore have confirmed that the overwhelming majority of auto drivers with religious motifs, accentuated by Namaz caps or Crosses, are found to be free from the dubious elements of unruly behavior and evil intentions. To put it simply, most of them can be trusted without much ado.

3. Now, the most important thing – always take the age of the auto driver into consideration before availing the autos in Bangalore. Most middle aged and veteran auto drivers are considered to be well behaved; it is for the young ones that caution needs to be exercised by the travelers. Generalizing the youth community based on certain prototype occurrences in past may not be a very wise option, but signs of irrationality in the young auto drivers must not be ignored while using an auto.

4. Movies are no casual stuff in Bangalore – movie buffs and overly zealous fans of the daredevil actors can be found in plenty among the auto drivers. The kind of movies or movie stars patronized by these auto drivers gives strong signals about their behavioral patterns and moral ethics. Check the pictures inside or outside the auto and keep your ears open to the kind of songs being played out by the music system installed in the auto. Combine all these small points and you can get a fair idea of whom you are dealing with.

Reports from various travelers will help you to understand the various nuances that are prevalent in autos in Bangalore. However, inspite of the handful of uncouth elements that reside within the community of auto drivers in Bangalore, it is a well established fact that the overall perception of the Bangalore auto drivers is far better than those plying their trade in the states of North India.

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