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Bangalore Electricity Board

Electricity is one such necessity in today’s life. We have become so dependent on electricity these days that it is almost impossible for us to imagine our lives without electricity. From our phones to our kitchen appliances, from our pc’s, laptops to washing machines our homes are all filled with several electrical appliances that we use on a daily basis. Our living place, our work place everywhere electricity dominates our lives.

Bangalore Electricity Board

Bangalore is Asia’s Silicon Valley because of its thriving information technology industry. Bangalore is India’s fifth largest and fastest growing city. Today with a growing population of young professionals, it has acquired a vibrant, cosmopolitan air. Bangalore in today’s world accommodates so many of the people and youth whose living is from and by this place. Bangalore is the IT hub of India and offers very many amazing job opportunities.  This makes the presence of electricity a major requirement of the place and thus a strong responsibility falls on the Bangalore Electricity Board to satisfy the wide industry and the large population.

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) is State Government owned company. It is responsible for the distribution of power in the eight districts of Karnataka. The company has three operating zones- Bangalore Metropolitan Area Zone, Bangalore Rural Area Zone and Chitradurga Zone. BESCOM has taken over the responsibility from Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) which in turn has taken from Karnataka Electricity Board (KEB). The government and the officials keep taking various steps to facilitate Bangalore and its citizens with the usage of different services provided.

BESCOM’s main duty is distribution of power to consumers. Along with this, it also caters to some fundamental duties:-
  • Supplying power to consumers at specified frequency and voltage at rates approved by KERC Tariff regulations.
  • Distribution of transformers and equipments and maintenance of 11 kV lines to ensure reliable and quality power supply.
  • Taking suitable actions to minimize risk of accidents in case of humans and animals.
  • Planning of activities related to demand and supply of power.
  • Increase of infrastructure to meet the demand.
BESCOM has tied up with Bill desk to provide its consumers a simple, convenient and secure way to pay their electricity bills. The consumers can pay their bills over the internet from their offices or homes and set up auto pay instruction for payment through their bank account. Payments can also be made through any of the Bill desk Partner Banks through the bank’s bill payment channel such as ATMs, Mobile Banking, Tele Banking and Net Banking.

Various steps have been initiated and organized to keep a check on the illegal or sustainable usage of electricity; along with creating awareness among the people and letting them know how they can contribute. The government and hence the electricity board of Bangalore truly seem to have understood the sense of their responsibility and looking thoroughly to cater to the needs as per the situations present.

But still it is not easy to control the happenings with such huge number of people and the high necessity and intensity that Bangalore daily goes through so many different  necessities and needs people, just get in. Bangalore Electricity board seems to be doing a commendable job maintaining a proper power distribution and managing everything.

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