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Bangalore Marathon

The Bangalore Marathon is a marathon running event in the Bangalore city, which was actually organized by Lipton. The first Bangalore marathon was initiated on 15th May 2005. Under men's category K.C. Ramu of India and in the women's category, Marashet Jimma of Ethiopia  won the first Bangalore Marathon titles.

Bangalore Ultra Marathon

Bangalore Marathon

Bangalore Ultra Marathon is one of the great enthusiastic and energetic events for the people who participate and watch it. It began in the year of 2007, and 2013 is the 7th edition of Bangalore Ultra Marathon. As Mahatma Gandhi said “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their course can alter the course of history.

Because the faith has more priority than the power of the body, this word is one of the greatest inspirations to them. 24 hours of running is one of the greatest specialties of the Bangalore marathon. It is the best opportunity for the runners to show their ability to build their career.

Many categories of the marathon are there, they are, 12.5 km of running and 25 km, 50 km, 75 km, 100 km. The participants can choose to run distances ranging from 12.5K – 100K. Ultra marathon provides midnight race too, not only for the professional runners every person who have interest in running can perform on that day. Always a huge amount of money will be rewarded for 24 hours running.

It is not only racing but sharing a kind of joy

The Bangalore Ultra Marathon is a kind of reunion for the runners remembering the past events about the winning moments during their marathon meet. Those who consider as it is tough, it may be a great failure for them. Because people who consider as it is a hard work can bring no achievement in their lives. Because people who participate in the ultra marathon, not even bothered about the prize and their further consequences. There will be different kinds of people from different parts of the country. People are gathered there not only for running but also to celebrate the joy.

Registration in Bangalore Marathon

Registration for Bangalore ultra is open for the participants. The Ultra distances (24 hour challenge, 100 K, 75 K and 50 K) will be held on 9th November 2013 and the Non Ultra distances (25 K and 12.5 K) will be held on 10th November 2013. Runners can register thorough online too, if one register through online their participation is being confirmed. One can also fill the form online and send them a cheque/DD with their name and transaction ID written on the reverse of the cheque.

On the spot registrations, without the option of timing chips can be shown at the race venue till three hours before the start of the race. The ultra marathon is categorized according to their sex and seniority. Accommodation will be arranged for the runners and every facility will be provided to runners according to their wish. The prize money of the marathon event is Rs. 50,000/. Medals and certificates will be awarded to the person who finishes the race.

Bangalore Midnight Marathon

Bangalore Midnight Marathon is a running event which is also known as the BMM in local circles. An event which sees running enthusiasts from all corners of the world joining hands for the human excellence. Each year the theme of the event is changed for the good of the society, and everyone including the runners donate generously as per their own limits to it. For e.g. the previous versions had themes like "Run for a Child"  and "Run for Bangalore".

Each year the event is organized during the months of December, as the climate is favorable for runners. If you are a running enthusiast yourself, go for this amazing running experience.

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