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13 Reasons Why Bangalore is the Best City to Live in

We have often seen regular conflicts between Delhites and Mumbaikars, not just about IPL teams, fashion or weather, but about the most common argument, “Which city is the best in India?” On one side, there’s Delhi, India’s capital and on another hand, there’s the business capital, Mumbai. This argument never ends but, there’s another city that succeeded to be in the top and yet overlooked somehow in the argument.

Bangalore, south India’s Silicon Valley and technology hub exceeds the other metro cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, and has obtained the name of the best city in India to live in, according to the reports of a worldwide survey. While Delhi and Mumbai have also maintained their statuses always, Bangalore has prospered and made new accomplishments. There are many reasons for people to consider Bangalore the best city in India.

The following are thirteen reasons why Bangalore is the best city to live in India:

1. Bangaloreans - the best in whatever they do!

Bangalore - the best city

Bangalore must be the only city in India that boasts of a word named after it. The popularly used American word ‘Bangalored’ has the meaning that a person is laid off from his job as a result of outsourcing. So great is the impact of this city in the global IT sector that Americans found it necessary to coin a new word for outsourcing. There are also a large number of government organizations and private sector organizations in Bangalore.

2. Bangalore – full of nightlife!

Best city Bangalore

Mumbai takes pride in having the name of ‘the city that never sleeps’ and Bangalore takes pride in its pubs. It was a rumour all over the internet a few years back, mentioning that the people of Bangalore sleep earlier than those in Mumbai. But, the large number of night pubs in Bangalore tells a completely different story.

3. Bangalore – famous for its lakes!

Bangalore - the best city

In spite of the ‘Silicon Valley’ title, the city of Bangalore is not fully a corporate jungle. Also known widely as India’s ‘Garden city’, Bangalore is beautiful with more gardens, lakes, and natural splendor when compared to any other city with A1 status in India.

4. Bangalore – a safe and protective place for women!

Best city to live in Bangalore

Even though Bangalore cannot be called the safest city in India, it is certainly safer than many cities of India. According to many recent global surveys, Bangalore ranks as the third in being the safest city of India and a friendlier city for foreign nationals.

5. Bangalore – with less pollution!

The best city to live in

This might be a surprise for many people, but it is a fact that Bangalore has lesser pollution in comparison with many other busy cities of India. On considering the heavy traffic and the active public transportation here, the rate of pollution should actually be high, but it isn’t. In fact, Bangalore is among the cities with the least rate of pollution in India.

6. Bangalore – with favourable climate!

Best city to live in India

The city of Bangalore is definitely the best place in India and the first aspect about Bangalore in anyone’s mind would be its conducive and pleasant climate.  The temperature is moderate here and the greenery is vast and luscious, making everyone love the place. While Mumbai and Delhi have extreme climatic conditions, Bangalore takes pride in its evergreen climate. The soothing and consistent climate of Bangalore throughout the year makes it the best city to live in, in India.

7. Bangalore – with variety of cuisines!

Best city to taste different cuisines

Another aspect that makes everyone like Bangalore is its huge variety of cuisines. No matter from which place you are, you can find all varieties of food in Bangalore, be it Rajasthani, Chinese, Punjabi and so on.

8. Bangalore – the best quality of education!

Best city to study

Education is of the best and excellent quality in Bangalore and the number of engineering colleges here is above 25, which is really high.

9. Bangalore –  colourful and vibrant

Best city to attend fashion shows, concerts in India

Bangalore is colourful and vibrant with regular fashion weeks in which artists, musicians, and comedians perform every day.

10. Bangalore’s art of living

Best place to seek peace

Bangalore is the city that has taught the art of living to the world. The Art of Living Foundation in Bangalore is the most popular educational, humanitarian and volunteer-based NGO in India. This NGO provides many personal-development and trauma-relief programs in about 150 countries in the world.

11. Bangalore – with the least power shutdown

Bangalore - the best city

Bangaloreans experience the least of electricity cut-offs when compared to the other major cities, thus giving the people the true sense of residing in a city that is metropolitan. It is no wonder that Bangalore city was the very first in India to obtain electricity.

12. Bangaloreans – more religious than others

Bangalore - the best city

Apart from India’s religious places, Bangalore is known to have the most number of mosques, temples, and churches.

13. Bangalore – people

The coolest people in the entire country

There are countless people residing in Bangalore as paying guests and the Bangaloreans are very welcoming and pleasing. With 14% Telugites, 10% Keralites, 25% Tamilians, 8% Europeans, and 6% a combination of different races, Bangalore has every feature of a real cosmopolitan city.

Bangalore in Comparison with Other tier 1 Cities

Bangalore and Mumbai
  • There is less overcrowding, poverty, high-pressure of life and squalor.
  • There are more trees and fewer costs of living.
Bangalore and Delhi
  • People can go out after 8pm alone without any fear of crime.
  • People are friendlier in general and you don’t get to hear of toll-gate attendants being shot at.
Bangalore and Hyderabad
  • There are at least a few people who follow traffic rules in Bangalore.
  • There are 24-hour Hindi and English FM stations.
Bangalore and Chennai
  • Weather is already mentioned in the general comparison, but this factor has to be mentioned again because Chennai climate is too hot.
  • Bangalore is cooler than Chennai and has a very pleasant and favourable weather.
Bangalore and Kolkata
It does not live in the 19th century still and there is no communism.

Bangalore and Pune
It doesn’t suffer from inferiority complex regarding Mumbai city and it is more cosmopolitan too.

This argument will never end; however, if we have to choose, then definitely Bangalore is the best. It emerges as a tough competitor among the other cosmopolitans in India!

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