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Bangalore To Chennai By Road

Bangalore To Chennai By Road

If you are planning to go by road to Chennai from Bangalore, then the best option would be the new highway, the "Golden Quadrilateral", connecting all the Metropolitan towns of the country – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota and Chennai.

This is a six lane expressway with a length of 250 kilometers which passes along the states of Karnataka, Andhra pradesh and Tamil nadu. This is the shortest route between Bangalore and Chennai. Here on this expressway,one  can easily maintain a speed of 120 km/hr and would reduce your travelling time to just two hours from Hoskote to Sriperumbudur.

There are other two old routes before this highway was made, and the 1st route covers a distance of 330 kilometers covering the towns of Old Madras road, Hoskote, Kolar, Palamau, Chitoor, Ranipet, Kancheepuram, Sriperumbudur and Chennai. This is a direct highway to Chennai and is a two lane highway with wide roads and good eating joints on the way.

At Hoskote,one may visit the "Shiridi Sai Mandir",which is a wonderful temple set in ambient surroundings. There are also many good hotels and restaurants here. This is on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Kamath restaurant and one Andhra restaurant before Chittor, serves good meals. The rural landscape and the distant mountain ranges offer good scenic beauty and on the way if you want to break your journey at Kancheepuram, one can do so because this is a great temple town and famous for its silk sarees.

Kancheepuram is a great historical city and is a pilgrimage center for Savites as well as Vaishnavites. It is the head quarters for the "Kanchi math", founded by Adi Sankaracharya.  The famous temples which are noteworthy in this town are the Kailasanatha temple, the Kamakshi temple and the Ekamabareswara temple. The Kamakshi temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati (Goddess of Love).

The Kailashnatha temple, is a Shiva temple and the oldest temple in the town. This temple was built by the Pallava king, Rayashima incorporating the Dravidian school of architecture. The Ekamabareshwar temple, is also devoted to Lord Shiva and is the largest temple in Kancheepuram. This temple incorporates the five prime elements of nature namely land, water, air, sky and fire. It was built by the Emperor of the Vijayanagar kingdom in the 16th century and is renowned for its thousand pillared hall.

The famous "Kancheepuram Pattu sarees",come from this town. The weavers here weave beautiful hand woven sarees, which are long lasting and in great demand for weddings.

On the way one passes through Vellore which has got an excellent hospital,named "Vellore Christian hospital". Many patients visit this great hospital for their ailments from the length and breadth of India.
Also the famed "Vellore fort", is in this town. This fort was built in 1566, and is a huge granite fort. There is a huge moat for this fort where once 10,000 crocodiles used to reside in these waters to deter any enemy. This fort has got huge double walls with bastions and is located at a height of 720 feet. This fort covers an area of 133 hectares and there is a secret escape tunnel for this fort.

The second most trusted and used route to Chennai is Hosur – Krishnagiri – Vaniyambadi – Ambur – Vellore – Ranipet – Kancheepuram – Sriperumbudur and Chennai. This route covers a distance of 360 kilometers from Bangalore. All buses and lorries use this route. There are many towns on this route, so no problem of fuel and food. The Ambur restaurant on the way is famous for its biryani.

So next time you are planning a trip, choose your own best option and hit the road.

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