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Places to visit in Coorg

Nature has forced the blessings on some portion or parts of the world with some special flavors of the beauty. One of the special locations is Coorg which is the district of Karnataka. It is in the Malnad region with the coast line, also with the thick forest along with the plains. It is covered with dense forest with large varieties of insects, birds with different colored wings etc. when you are here you feel like having the panoramic view of the beauty across the area. Heaven is no where outside the world but is supposed to be here only on this earth.

Places to visit in Coorg

It’s the place of birth of the river Cauvery, it is important for South as Ganga is for north. It takes the birth on the hills of Brahma Giri near to Madikeri (Mercara), which is the headquarters of district. Would you like to know that how the river Cauvery took the step forward, so let’s go through the story of the origin of the river – Agastya who is one of the greatest sages who was married to Lopamudra, an aesthetic pious and quite religious woman.

She was considered as one of the greatest Pathivratas which meant that she was an ardent fan of her husband. Both the couple was enjoining and rejoicing the life in the Bramagiri. There was a man named Kavera Raya who had gone in front of the Lord Brahma, for taking the blessings to be graced by the daughter. So Brahma gave him the blessings and lovely daughter named Cauvery took place.

Another story which is related to the birth of the river Cauvery is that once upon a time Agastya had converted his wife into water and stored it into the jug . After doing so, he went to the natures call. When he was out a cow came and thought that some food must be inside turned it upside down and when it was done the whole water came pouring out and flew out as the valley to the river. When Agastya returned, everything was on the floor and water was flowing across.

If you find popular destination like Ooty, Munnar and Kodaikanal a bit too crowded to be visited then perhaps Coorg is your place to be. A perfect tourist destination for children and adults alike. People who really like long drive, for them Coorg is a 140km ride from Mysore and enchanting like heaven, filled with small estates of coffee, betel nuts an spices.

Coorg is the land of the panoramic natural scene which is the gift not only for the state but also the country itself. As the forests are rich with the precious trees such as roses, sandal, teak and wood. The Sandalwood is one of the best woods of the fragrance which has the special quality and the oil extracted is being used as the ingredients of the Sandal soap. It has the pleasant weather and one can easily smell the coffee at the time of blooming across the Coorg. It’s not only famous for the natural beauty but also for the customs and the people around it.

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