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Bangalore to Hyderabad by Road


If you are planning to go via road from Bangalore to Hyderabad,then preparation for the journey before hand is a must. The road from Chikballapur by pass road is in good condition, but from Anantapur to Kurnool one has to drive with caution, because it is one way and road work is going on. From Kurnool to Hyderabad again the road is good.

The total distance from Bangalore to Hyderabad is 550 kilometers and the drive is about 10 hours. There are a total of 4 toll gates and the Highway,which you will be covering would be the national highway 7. The route is as follows-  Hebbal – Chikballapur – Bagepally – Penugonda – Anantpur – Gooty – Dhone – Kurnool – Jedcharla – Hyderabad.

It is better if you cover this journey during day time and not night time. On the Karnataka side, one can get to see a pleasant landscape of fields and greenery, but as you enter Andhra, one can see the rocky hills of the Deccan and no greenery at all. It is a barren landscape with the sun at its fiery best.

There are no good hotels on the roadway, except for the Bharat Petroleum fuel stations which have got average restrooms and restaurants. If you are not carrying any home made food then one has to stop at these fuel stations to have food.

It is better to keep your fuel tank, filled up because there are vast stretches where you don’t come across any fuel bunks. Also while crossing Anantpur, one has to be careful, because this place is full of shady people. On the highway there are a lot of lorries and Volvo traffic.

If you have to make a night halt, then it is better to halt at Kurnool, because here one can catch up with some sight seeing and the place has got good restaurants and hotels to stay. At Kurnool,one can spend the night at Hotel Rajavihar Deluxe or The Maurya Inn. There are luxury as well as budget hotels, where one can have a comfortable stay.

Kurnool comes from the Telugu word Kandanavolu, and this place is a hub of education. At Kurnool there are two good sightseeing places to visit. The Royal Fort and the Belum caves. The royal fort is popularly known as the Konda Reddy Buruju fort. This fort was built between the 14th and 16th centuries and dates back to the kingdom of Vijayanagar. It has got Persian and Arabic inscriptions and reflects the past glory of Kurnool.

The Belum Caves, are the longest underground caves. Here one can find exquisite stalactite and stalagmite formations, a huge marble Buddha statue, with Buddhist monks having their meditation. In these caves one can see a natural waterfall which is a lovely sight.

As you near Hyderabad you can see the Outer Ring road Expressway having 12 lanes. This road leads you to Hyderabad, but driving on this expressway causes great joy because it reminds you of a foreign country.

So next time you make a trip to Hyderabad from Bangalore, do not forget these road tips. Enjoy a great trip!!.

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