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Bangalore Water Supply

The I.T hub of India is officially third most populous city of India. Needless to say, the demand for water in India’s 3rd most populous city is humongous. In Bangalore water supply is completely handled by Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). It’s an autonomous government agency formed in 1964 to look after water supply and sewage management of Bangalore city.

Bangalore Water supply

BWSSB completely relies on Cauvery River and Arkavathy River from where it extracts the water and supplies it to the Bangalore city. Approximately 80% of the water comes from Cauvery River and rest comes from Arkavathy River. As of today BWSSB supplies roughly 900 million liters, i.e. 238 million gallons, which is actually not enough to fulfill the humongous water demand in Bangalore.

The actual demand of water in Bangalore is 1.3 billion liters. To overcome this demand supply & deficit, BWSSB last year completed Cauvery River Stage IV Phase II project, which has helped BWSSB to augment 500 million liters of water supply to Bangalore city. The BWSSB has decided to supply water in tankers of 6,000 litre capacity. The authorities can supply two or three loads of water in 30 tankers every day to every area of the city.

It is also important to note that BWSSB uses state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure that water supply is clean and infection free. BWSSB is also very people friendly and renders many customer friendly services like: online application for new water connection, online application for bore well connection, customer care 24 hours hotline no and easy bill outlet.           

Customer care 24 hours hotline no - BWSSB:  (080) 22238888                      

BWSSB’s Easy Bill Outlets

Please click on the below link to know about BWSSB’s bill outlets.

Contact information of BWSSB’s officers:

Head office 
Cauvery Bhavan, Bangalore – 560009
Tel: 080 22945100, 22945114

K. Chandrashekar  - Customer Feedback and Outreach
Office of The Executive Engineer
5th Floor, Cauvery Bhavan,
BWSSB, K G Road, Bangalore – 560009
Mob No: 9845451380

H.M. Ravindra - Deputy Chief Engineer – I
Office of The Deputy Chief Engineer
2nd Floor, Cauvery Bhavan,
BWSSB, K G Road, Bangalore – 560009
Off No.: 22945244
Mob No.: 9845823556

T. Shriram - Deputy Chief Engineer – 2
Office of The Deputy Chief  Engineer
2nd Floor, Cauvery Bhavan,
BWSSB, K G Road, Bangalore – 560009
Mob No.:9686572469

Srinivasiah - Quality Assurance
Office of The Executive Engineer
18th Cross, Malleshwaram
BWSSB, CJF compound
Bangalore – 560055
Off No.:22945201
Mob No.:9632477299

Private water suppliers in Bangalore

Bangaloreans also can rely on private water suppliers in case of shortage of water supply from BWSSB.  Given below are names and contact information of prominent private water suppliers in Bangalore. 

SLV Water Supply: (080) 49176344
Pavan Water Supply: (080) 49176014
Madhushree Water Supply: (080) 66815772
Rajarajeshwari Water Supply: (080) 49154983
Sri Sai Priya Water Supplier: (080) 49178176
Manish Water Supply: (080) 49341781
KVM Water Supply: (080) 66494009   

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