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Best Dishes You Must Try When You Are in Bangalore

The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is also the largest city in the state. Bangalore reflects a lifestyle of mixed culture, thanks to the people from different places, communities and cultural backdrops who have been flocking to the garden city for various purposes. 

Food in Bangalore have also been experiencing many changes since the last few decades, but thankfully the basic food habits were not uprooted. 

An intimate food-trip to the city would therefore showcase the integral culture of Karnataka reflected almost at every special meal you would encounter.


Bangalore’s most favourite, Akki Roti is something you cannot just leave the city without having it! It is a rice based pancake originated and popular in Karnataka. This is one of the most popular breakfast items in Bangalore apart from usual idli-dosa-vada combo. 

Puri Sagu


If Delhi has its own Chole-Bhatue, Bangalore also has its Puri-Sagu. Puri-Sagu is another favourite breakfast combination of Bangaloreans. Beside every household, almost every small or big restaurant serves this popular duo. 

Puri is the common fried puffed-up medium sized chapatti and sagu is the famous side dish made of vegetables like onion, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, green pea etc. cooked in a special Sagu powder.        

Masala Pongal


Though this dish has its origin in Tamil Nadu, Pongal is vastly popular among all the southern and south-western states of India. Bangalore too has its share of fetish about Pongal, especially the masala one. 

Masala Pongal is almost a variation of Khichdi and is immensely popular breakfast food. Rice, Moong Dal (yellow lentil), vegetables are boiled together to a almost mashed consistency and then a special seasoning is given to it.

Khara Bath

Khara Bath

Khara Bath is mouth watering snack served both as breakfast item or an evening meal in Bangalore. Khara Bath is a variation of Upma but with a bit different taste. The copiousness of tomatoes among other vegetables makes all that difference here. Khara Bath is a must have food item while you’re in the garden city. 

Kesari Bath


Kaseari Bath comes automatically when we talk about Khara Bath. Kesari Bath which is also known as Rava Kesari or Chow Chow Bath is one of the most popular sweet dishes from the heart of Karnataka that can also be served as a breakfast combination with Khara Bath. 

A very easy to make Rava or semolina recipe that resembles Suji ka Halwa, Kesari Bath gets its name from the bright yellow colour it has. Kesari Bath is considered as one of the most sacred Naivedyam to Lord Shiva especially on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri.   

Idli Sambhar

Idli Sambhar

How can this item stay far from any part of South India?  A regular breakfast at Bangalore would mean a plateful of soft-spongy white roundels, affectionately we call them Idli.

Rava Idli

Rava Idli

Rava Idli or Semolina Idli is a delectable variety of regular Idli but the softer one. Rava Idli is hugely popular breakfast dish in Bangalore as it takes very less hassles to prepare as compared to preparing the traditional idli.

Jolada Rotti

Jolada Rotti

Jolada rotti is a staple food at most of the Bangalorean households. Jolada rotti or the Jowar roti is a popular diet in Karnataka which is best consumed with Brinjal Pallya or the Jawari Pundi Pallya (Pallya = Curry), an assortment of chutneys and fresh salad. Jolda rotti is a healthy substitute to all purpose flour chapattis as Jowar is almost gluten-free.

Raagi Rotti

raagi Rotti

Atta is not a popular food ingredient in the southern part of India; hence they opt for several other ingredients to make roti or chapatti. Like Jowar, Raagi or the red millet is another kind of flour which is vastly used in Karnataka. 

A Bangalore trip can never be complete without having a few wholesome raagi rotti layered with ghee. To give the rottis a tastier boost, some use grated carrots, spring onions etc. These crispy rottis are served hot with various chutneys. 

Saaru Podi


Saau Podi is Bangalore’s most favourite rasam variation. Another staple household drink especially during winter, Saaru Podi is distinct from Rasam though they look quite similar to each other. Made with pigeon peas or Toor dal, Saaru is slightly thicker than rasam. 

Saaru Podi has an immense medicinal value for the ingredients (fenugreek seed, cinnamon, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, red chilies etc.) and helps combating cold, cough by increasing immune system and also improves digestive systems.

Vangi Bath


One of the most popular rice recipes in the whole state, Bangalore would certainly fill your senses with this aromatic Vangi Bath. Vangi Bath or the bringal rice is mostly prepared for breakfast but is also served during festivals like Diwali, Vara Mahalaxmi Vrata etc. 

The thin long brinjal cut by length and the robustly aromatic curry leaves are the basic ingredients for Vangi Bath.



Rice is the most sacred food grain in India. And south India has the largest variations of rice. So, they also have the largest spread of rice dishes to offer us! After Vangi Bath, Puliyogare or the Tamarind rice is the second most popular choice of rice at Bangalore. 

So, whenever you are invited to a Bangalorian friend’s house, they would make sure you’re served with the best Puliyogare in town! It is also served as Prasadam in temples. See the popularity? Even the gods cannot leave without having this heavenly tasty dish.

Bisi Bele Bath

bisi bele bath

Truly, if you visit any regular Bangalore household, some common dishes would welcome you; Bisi Bele Bath is among them.

Bisi Bele Bath or the hot lentil rice is traditional Kannada recipe prepared with rice, toor dal (pigeon peas), asafetida, some spicy spices, curry leaves, tamarind pulp and some vegetables. Bisi Bele Bath is a famous Udupi item and apart from common households, it can be found in restaurants serving Udupi food



Chitranna o the mixed vegetable fried rice is another popular rice preparation that you must try while you’re in Bangalore. Though there are a many ways to prepare this dish, Nimbehannu Chitranna is the primary choice when it comes to Chitranna. This is vegetable lemon rice prepared with utmost love. 

Benne Dosa

Benne Dosa

Originated at Davanagere city in Karnataka, Benne Dosa is a hot favourite dosa variety in Bangalore. These soft butter (benne) dosas are smaller in size than the regular dosas and a hugely popular breakfast item in Bangalore.

Mysore Masala Dosa


Obviously we all had it; and we all love it. Mysore masala dosa is now available almost everywhere in India, but still Karnataka offers the best ones. Apart from Mysore itself, Bangalore serves some of the most delicious and perfectly done Mysore Masala Dosas.

Masala Puri

masala puri

A very popular and a must-try street food of Bangalore Masala Puri has its own distinctness and flavor. It is prepared with combining dried peas, cooked lentils, freshly ground spices with crushed crispy puris and finally served with chopped onions and carrots. This unique street food has no competitor.

Pakoda Bajji


Every stay in Bangalore must be connected with a few plates of hot Pakoda Bajji from a roadside stall.  Pakoda Bajji fo Bangalore is what Vada Pav is for Mumbai. 

Pakoda Bajji can be made by any ingredients; from potato to onion, or from paneer to green chilies-these crunchy bites have obviously made street-food of Bangalore worth remembering for a long!

Mangalore Bun

mangalore bun

Yes, this dish comes from Mangalore but is widely popular over the whole state of Karnataka. So, when you’re in Bangalore, make sure you taste some of the most delectable Mangalore Buns at various restaurants or even at your friend’s place. 

Mangalore buns are nothing but deep fried sweet Puris made of dough consisting of whole wheat flour, curd and banana pulp. We bet  you can’t have just one!

Set Dosai

Set Dosai

Have you ever thought that dosas could be so soft, spongy yet delicious? If not, then set dosai would certainly surprise you! A specialty from Karnataka, Bangalore would feed you some of the best set dosas when you’re around. 

Any restaurant serving south Indian delicacies offers this small soft spongy dosas accompanied by either chicken or vegetable korma and of course sambhar and coconut chutney.  

Paneer Butter Masala Dosa

paneer dosa

Now, please don’t get confused by the name! But yes, they have more than hundreds of dosa variants. Paneer Butter Masala Dosa is inspired by the north Indian cuisine. 

Their love for Paneer Butter Masala somehow got imbibed into this fusion food and this is a total hit in Bangalore. 

Vada and Dahi Vada

dahi vada

Another staple in south India, both Vada and Dahi Vada are among the most favouite food items in Bangalore. So, after a toiling day at office or a draggy lecture at college, make sure you gorge a few Dahi Vadas before calling off the day!

Fish Moilee

fish moilee

Fish Moilee is kind of a fish stew that is one of the most randomly made fish curry in any Bangalore household. This Kerala delicacy has its share of admiration in Bangalore.

Kori Gassi

kori gassi

A typical coastal Karnataka delicacy and a hot favourite restaurant item, Kori Gassi is Bangalore’s most liked chicken curry. Have a bowlful of aromatic Kori Gassi and we bet, you will leave behind your butter chicken predilection at least for a while!

Rava Fried Fish

rava fish fry

Bangalore’s one of the most favourite snack, Rava Fried Fish is another must-try dish in the city. In this dish some spice marinated King Fish fillets are coated with rava or semolina and then are shallow fried until golden. You would simply love these super crispy and absolutely sumptuous fish fries!

Mysore Pak

mysore pak

Again, the name suggests the place of origin. Mysore Pak is the most popular sweet dish in Karnataka. But being the capital city, Bangalore certainly has their own places which serve the most authentic and delicious Mysore Pak. So, if you have not yet made it to Mysore, Bangalore would not let you leave half-heartedly.  

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