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Bus Stands in Bangalore

Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India – is a city with its own idiosyncratic charms and attractions; those that are widely known all across the world. The city’s popularity quotient has surged in the recent years as a result of the share of IT in India’s GDP growth and this has been directly responsible for making Bangalore a hot destination for tourists, hailing from places scattered all over the world.

However, as a tourist or even as a resident of the city relatively new to its ways, transport within the city can turn out to be incomprehensibly confusing if you are not aware of all the bits and pieces of information related to it. And, talking of transport, the first thing that comes to mind is buses – which ferry the lion’s share of the city’s population from one point to another, every day,  within and without the precincts of the city. In this article we shall talk about the various bus stands in Bangalore and find suitable connections between them to simplify our task of gathering knowledge about bus transport in the city. 

Bus transport hubs for the city are provided by six major bus stations in Bangalore. These are – Satellite bus stand, Shantinagar BMTC bus stand, Majestic bus stand Bangalore, KR Market bus station, Shivajinagar bus stand, and Banashankari bus stand. Here, we shall deal with only the most important bus stations in Bangalore. 

bangalore bus stand

Satellite Bus Stand Bangalore – The Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station (MCTC), popularly known as the Satellite Bus Stand, is located near the Gopalan Mall in Mysore. This bus stand has been functional for the last 7 years, ever since its auspicious inception in 2006. People interested in visiting the neighboring states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, from Mysore, have to take a bus from this station because all buses in Bengaluru with those destinations use this bus stand as their starting point. The bus station, after recent improvisations, has been subdivided into three parts – one for the outstation buses, the second acts as a depot, and the third is used to allocate a number of bays to the BMTC buses. This bus stand’s well established connection to a number of suburbs around the city makes it more populous in comparison to the others. 

Majestic Bus Stand Bangalore
– This is one of those bus stands in Bangalore which serve right from the heart of the city and emanate buses that crisscross the entire length and breadth of Bangalore. Originally known as the Kempegowda Bus Station, this bus stand is located in the central part of city, facing the Bangalore City Railway Station. The bus depot, with its strategically important location, is bifurcated into two parts – one is used by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, better known as BMTC, to provide a focal point to the intra-city buses, while the other part is used by various state transport corporations to operate out-station buses that cater to the transport needs of travellers with destinations outside Bangalore.
Shantinagar BMTC Bus Stand
– Some bus stands in Bangalore are relatively new and have come up as a result of modifications in the traditional bus transport facilities – the Shantinagar bus depot is an example of bus stands of that genre. Its inception is largely due to the land acquisition at the Majestic Bus Stand Bangalore for the Bangalore Metro Rail Construction. The KSRTC, TNSTC and APSRTC buses bound for Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh earlier used to depart from the Kempegowda bus station; however, due to the metro rail project they now camp at the Shantinagar bus stand. Located right next to the central hub of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation on the Kengal Hanumantaiah road, this bus station is well connected to the rest of the five major bus stands in Bangalore. Being a out-station bus depot, this bus station acts an important APSRTC bus stand in Bangalore and helps in dissipating travelers from within the city to outside its boundaries. 

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