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Cabs in Bangalore

This article is a compilation of some of the most important and renowned cabs in Bangalore, which are known for efficient delivery of services to clients on a consistent basis.

Dot cabs in Bangalore:

Specializing in Toyota Innovas and Tata Indicas, this cab service provider in Bangalore has one of the most sophisticated GPS tracking systems in the whole of Bangalore. The large fleet of air conditioned cabs at the disposal of this cab service makes it easy for them to handle numerous clients simultaneously, thereby simplifying the tourists’ jobs in the city.

  • If you want cabs in Bangalore at your doorstep within half-an-hour of asking for it, then Dot Cabs is just the right option for you.
  • If you want a Bangalore cab service on 24*7 basis throughout the calendar year, then Dot Cabs is for you.
  • Emergency services incorporated within the operations of these cabs are laudable with garages and services stations specifically for their own cabs, they can handle exigencies better than most other cab service providers in Bangalore.
  • Traveling in the cabs can be a traveler's delight on any given day, with luxurious SUVs to run the errands for the clients.

Safe Cabs in Bangalore:

The size of the fleet of cabs under the umbrella of this Bangalore cab service is well nigh gargantuan. This is a station where only the best and most luxurious cabs in Bangalore can be found, available at the service of prospective clients at any time of the day. Professionalism and integrity in the services offered are two of the most important aspects of this cab service provider. Here is a brief view of the salient features;

  • Differentiation between the customers is done on the basis of the activities which they seek to perform with the help of cab rentals in Bangalore. Thus, the enormous fleet of cabs is carefully divided into well defined sections, each of which caters to a different set of clients. Some clients may be hiring a cab just for leisure, while others may be using it for business purposes thus, differentiation is important in such cases.
  • Very few cab rentals in Bangalore have the kind of flexibility in rentals that Safe Cabs Bangalore offers.

Cel Cabs in Bangalore:

The first IPR-owned technology solution based cab rentals in Bangalore happens to be Cel Cabs. With the latest GPRS enabled tracking system in place, these cabs in Bangalore have collectively established themselves as a highly reliable brand among the tourists and travelers. The salient features are:

  • With its availability recently extended to 16 locations, Cel Cabs’ transparent and highly simplified billing technology has made it an immensely popular brand in the tourist market. A printed receipt is handed to customers at the end of the journey to make the transaction more credible.
  • The associate service network of this Bangalore cab service is quite useful in solving the city’s traffic management problems.

Tata Indigo is the most commonly used Cab in Bangalore

Green Cabs in Bangalore:

Through the nuanced incorporation of its professionalism in the world of Bangalore cab service, Green Cabs Bangalore has not only revolutionized the traditional notions about cabs in Bangalore, it has also made rapid strides towards its ultimate objective of efficiently combining exquisite customer services and high quality cab rentals. From airport journeys to intra-city travel to outstation tours you can get all these options open here, on a round the clock basis.

Fast Track Cabs in Bangalore:

This is one of the latest brands of professional service providers of cabs in Bangalore for tourists and travelers. With the objective to unfurl some unprecedented novelties in the operation of cab services in Bangalore, Fast Track Cabs has made steady progress in modernizing its vehicles and upgrading its customer feedback systems from time to time.

Star Cabs in Bangalore:

Star Cabs Bangalore has become one of the most trusted cab service providers in the city of Bangalore in recent times, by virtue of its ever reliable customer service and efficient cab rentals. Advanced technology incorporation in the cab service has brought about a subtle fusion of affordability and sophisticated in taxi traveling.

The technology used by these cabs in Bangalore includes tracking of online communications with customers, duty allocation based on well defined systems, identification and tracking of customer data, digitised fare meters and printers with simplified billing mechanisms and emergency situations handled by use of distress buttons.

KSTDC Cabs Bangalore:

This is an abbreviation for Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation an organization that has the reputation of being the largest tour operator in the state of Karnataka. Besides providing a range of services for travelers interested in wandering through picturesque state, KSTDC provides cab services that ferry travelers from within the city to various outstation locations.

Few cabs in Bangalore can boast of having the facilities that the KSTDC regularly extends to its customers from GPS/GPRS facilities and transparent billing mechanisms to sophisticated printing machines, this organisation equips travellers with all the paraphernalia that is generally required for a delightful journey.

Mega Cabs Bangalore:

A Bangalore cab service offers world class services without charging exorbitant service rates is Mega Cabs. It was way back in 2002 that the Mega Cabs service was launched in Delhi as the first GPRS enabled taxi service in the country. Following that start, Mega Cabs has evolved into one of the most reputed provider of tourist cabs in Bangalore and catering to the needs and requirements of a wide range of tourists and travelers.

Meru Cabs Bangalore:

After its launch in 2007, this cab service provider shot to fame by virtue of its use of sophisticated technology in its day-to-day operations. Maruti Esteem and Tata Indigo occupy the lion’s share of the more-than-5000 strong fleet of cabs under Meru. Steadily permeating its services into commercially important Indian cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai, Meru Cabs Bangalore’s growth in the last few years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

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