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Chikmagalur to Bangalore

Chikmagalur Bangalore which is located at the distance of somewhere around 257 Km from Bangalore. It is located on the south western portion of the Karnataka and is well connected via roads and railways. But the best way to enjoy the trip is via driving yourself through your car as its just 5 hours drive but thought the scenic beauty is there you need to enjoy to the fullest. The places which will be coming on the way are-Bangalore (32 KM) ->Nelamangala (43 KM) ->Tumkur (74KM) ->Tiptur (41KM),->Banavara (30 KM)->Halebeedu (39 KM) ->Chikmagalur. There are large number of petrol pumps, ATMS of the banks like SBI, Canara bank, Indian Bank etc.Also on the way you can have view of the Indo-American Hospital which are located.

The literal meaning of the word Chikmagalur refers as the “town of the younger daughter” in the active language of the Kannada.

chikmagalur bangalore

Places to go about in Chikmagalur


Also referred as the KR Hills, which was given after the Wodeyar king named Krishna raj Wodeyar, who has considered it as its favourite camp. It’s on the height of about 1434 meters and is surrounded by the forests which are quite thick and the salubrious weather or the climate across the year. Further it is surrounded by the Baba Buddha Giri ranges and is blessed with the silver cascades of the mountains streams along with the lush green vegetation.

There are beautiful laid down gardens which are quite ornamental and enchanting across the valley which gives a retreating feeling to the eyes of the human beings who goes over there. The splendid and spectacular view of the sunset seems to be awesome and must be viewed from all areas. Even the look is marvelous from the point of view from the Raj Bhavan. It is beautifully surrounded with the lovely roses and some other attractions.

Kudremukh and Kudremukh National Park:

It is located 95 Km south west of the Chikmagalur town which is the Kudremukh range. It is named due to its unique shape of the peak. It just overlooks the Arabian sea, the whole of the broad hills are chained into one another with the deep valleys and also the steep precipices. It is situated at the height of 1894.3 meters above the sea level and is rich in the iron ores deposits. The mining operations are conducted over here on the regular basis. The transportation and benefaction of the ores as slurry through the pipelines to the port at the Panambur near Mangalore.

Mullayanagiri hill:

It is part of the Baba Budan Giri Hills ranges which are over here. The height on which it stands is somewhere around 1930 meters tall and is considered as the highest peak in Karnataka. The location is best for viewing the sunset and is just 16 KM from the Chikmaglur.  The roads going to the area is quite narrow and looks lovely when the steep cliffs are being crossed. Driving till the peak is not at all possible and for doing so you should be well prepared for the trekking options as you could enjoy the most over here in this specific region. On the days when the weather is clear the visitors can have a look on the Arabian Sea which is clearly visible from this location. The small hillock comes within the temple compound which is one of the highest points in the Karnataka.

Baba Budan Giri (Datta Peeta)

It is also mentioned as the Chandra Drona Parvatha in the olden times. It is considered to have one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayans and the Nilgiris.  The peak has taken its name from the saint of the Muslim. The Baba stayed over here for at least 150 years.

For people interested in experiencing wild life, historical temples and the nature, for them Chikmagalur makes the best retreating place. There are lots of accommodations modes available in the Chikmagalur, which can be opted any time.

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