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Driving license in Bangalore

This article is concerned with briefly explaining the steps and procedures involved in getting a driving license in Bangalore. The information contained in this article is important for anyone who wishes to drive through the streets of the picturesque city of Bangalore, without any apprehensions of being hassled by law enforcers for doing so with improper driving credentials.

Driving License in Bangalore

Filling up the application form: This is the very first step that one must follow in order to get a driving license in Bangalore. The application form has to be procured from the RTO enquiry counter and duly filled in with all the necessary details, along with 3 passport sized photographs of the applicant. A few other documents may be required to establish the identity of the applicant in the process of submitting the application form. 

Paying the fees for the license: Since this process is handled directly by the government offices, the fees required to validate the application is kept at a minimal level for the benefit of the majority of vehicle users in the city. A PVC Card requires Rs 215, a DL Book needs Rs 40 and the mandatory driving test is available at Rs 50. Besides, some other nominal charges may be applicable for specific applicants. 

Submission of documents to validate identity of applicant: The idea of this part is the most important in the process of knowing how to get driving license in Bangalore. The required documents are considered as integral to the application process, for they serve as concrete proofs to establish the applicant’s identity. 
(a) An updated and valid learner’s license
(b) The mandatory ‘test of competence to drive a vehicle’ is considered incomplete if the applicant is unable to furnish legal documents of the vehicle in which he wishes to take the test. Such documents may include any one of the following – Registration certificate of vehicle, Tax card or Insurance certificate of the vehicle, or a ‘pollution under control’ certificate provided by the State Pollution Control Board to ascertain the vehicle’s adherence to environmental rules and regulations. 
(c) If the vehicle under question is a transport vehicle, a certificate from the Driving Training School has to be provided alongside the form CMV 5. 

Filing the application at the proper place: In order to present the documents and application form to a competent individual, the applicant needs to appear in person before the Assistant RTO of the Driving License Branch. The officer shall be in charge of appraising the applicant’s credentials before forwarding the application to the next level of scrutiny. 

Making necessary arrangements for the driving test (better known as the ‘test of competence to drive a vehicle’): The test is overseen by the Inspector of Motor Vehicles and the rule 15 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 dictates the procedures of conducting this test. The Inspector is given the task of carefully assessing the driving skills of the applicant, following which he forwards his recommendations to the Assistant RTO, who then takes the final call on whether or not to issue the license to the applicant. This final decision is usually conveyed to the applicant via an official communication. 

Time of preparation of license – Even though no official limit is placed on the time required to process an application for a driving license in Bangalore, it is generally believed that the license is ready within 24 hours of the Assistant RTO’s final approval. 

Preparing for a retest if circumstances indicate the presence of chances of such an event: Even though most applicants are expected to apply for a driving license after acquiring substantial experience in driving, some do end up failing in the driving test conducted by the RTO. In such cases, applicants are asked to take back all their documents and application forms and apply for a retest after a week of the official rejection. A modest fee of Rs 50 has to be paid in order to appear for this retest. 

The advancement in computers has nowadays paved the way for applicants to go online while applying for a driving license in Bangalore. For people interested in knowing how to apply for driving license online in Bangalore, the only important thing they need to note is that the task of getting the application form and filling it up is done online. Following this, the rest of the application process remains just as described for the offline mode. 

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