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Driving School in Bangalore

Driving for some is a passion, for some it is the necessity; whatever may the reason be, people take help of driving schools and private tuition to hone the skill. Here is a comprehensive gist of some of the best driving schools in Bangalore;

Driving Schools in Bangalore

Janani Motors Driving School in Bangalore

It was 7 years ago, in 2006, that the foundation stone of this motor driving school in Bangalore was laid in the area of Vijayanagar. Initially conceived as a motor driving institute offering driving lessons for various kinds of cars, this institute has prospered over the years and spread its reach to a wide range of associated services also.

Besides offering regular driving classes in Bangalore nowadays, this training institute also provides consultancy services for clients interested in acquiring car licenses and insurances. The fastidious and careful ways in which this driving school in Bangalore imparts the driving lessons to clients have earned them fame and goodwill from various quarters of the city. Government approved license agents are present at the disposal of clients to help them sort out any issue related to insurance or license of cars.

S.S. Motor Driving School in Bangalore

Providing professional assistance to clients in learning how to drive four wheelers as well as two wheelers, this motor driving school in Bangalore has been conducting its business for the last ten years. It is located in BTM 1st stage. Here is a brief summary of all the salient features of this driving school.

(a) The driving instructors are well trained in the art of teaching and they are competent enough in their profession to understand the amount of time and patience that they must devote to the clients.
(b) The time of driving lessons is adjusted on the basis of the client’s availability, and no hard and fast rules about timings are in place.
(c) An array of cars – from Swift to Alto to two wheelers – is present in the repository of this driving school; this gives a whole range of options for clients to choose from and acts as a great advantage for them.

Pranav Motor Driving School in Bangalore

With its office cum training institute at Jayanagar, Bangalore, this organization is well known for the combination of speed, efficiency, and pristine professionalism that it employs in conducting its business. Generally considered as a very reliable car driving school in Bangalore, it also offers driving lessons for clients with two wheelers.

Pratham Motors Driving School in Bangalore

If you are in search of a motor school that focuses specifically on four wheelers, this driving school located behind the BDA Complex in Koramangala is just the right place to be at. The activities of this driving school in Bangalore are concentrated mainly on four wheelers and light motor vehicles, and hence clients with four wheelers can expect maximum returns on their investments here. The driving lessons are imparted by friendly instructors, who are well aware of the clients’ needs and requirements.

Sri Balaji Driving School in Bangalore

This institute, located in Horamavu, has several salient features, most of which are briefly enumerated below. a)The driving lessons emphasize on teaching the drivers how to get comfortable behind the steering wheel and also acquaint them with the kind of roads that they would have to face in the future. b) The instructors are highly experienced and observant about the clients’ learning abilities – thus differentiated learning methods are used for different kinds of clients, so as to cater to each of their needs in a better manner. Not only driving lessons but also the nitty gritty involved in the driving test, taken to acquire a license, is discussed with clients.

Charan Motor Driving School in Bangalore

It is located in the Are Kere area of Bangalore, near Paramount Apartments, and offers professional driving lessons mainly to four wheelers and some other specific categories of vehicles. This driving school in Bangalore specializes in training female drivers by virtue of the female instructors it has in its repertoire. The clients are treated with utmost courtesy and care and this gets manifested every time the driving lessons are being imparted.

Santro Driving School in Bangalore

One of the most popular car driving school in Bangalore, this institute has traditionally been famous for its candid relationship with clients and a goodwill generated by years of dedicated professional services. The most important feature of this driving school in Bangalore is that it offers door pickup and drop facility to clients, which is of great help to those who live in faraway locations. The instructors are friendly, jovial and attentive to the clients’ requirements and the administrators are always on friendly terms even with clients who have completed their training quite some time ago.

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