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Entertainment in Bangalore

Bangalore is a universe of entertainment in itself. Pubs, halls, theaters, fests, fairs, discos and what not! Bangalore has no shortage of these entertaining sources. In fact every day not one but many events keep the city busy in their shades. If in Bangalore, even before you’ll realize, you may find yourself in any one of the rock concerts, local exhibitions or DJ wars.

Music is the half soul of Bangalore. May it be the traditional ‘Carnatic & Hindustani’ or the Rock Fusion Bangaloreans have tasted all flavors of rhythm & rhyme! Many Music festivals like the Fire Fly Music Festival, Pulse Live, India Music Week, NH7 Weekender, Tharang Utsav 2013; have been creating footprints on Bangalore’s land every year. On the same side dance fests have been giving equal challenge to the music fests. ‘Rasaa’ has been a constant challenger in the dancing capital of Bangalore.

An entertaining gig at full swing in Bangalore

BIAF, has been inspiring dancers from all over the state & outside to ooze their talents out. Other festivals include dance festivals dedicated to different styles of dance e.g. Salsa, Bharatnatyam and so on.

Let us now take you to the world of lights, camera & action! Bangalore is a home to many in-house theatres and cinema halls. Some of the eminent theaters of Bangalore are INOX, Cauvery, Ranga Shankara, Vishal Cinemas, Fun Cinemas et al. For a complete package, these dotting multiplexes have rows of good restaurants around them. Bangalore’s International Film Festival has portrayed a very well example of cultural & social amalgamation inside the city. With many famous directors coming on Bangalore’s carpet, from all round the globe, Bangalore has become a hub for movies as well.

Shopping will remain to be the best option of entertainment for all in Bangalore no matter what! This city is no doubt a shopper’s paradise, with malls like the Garuda Mall, Forum Value Mall, Mantri Square, Levitate, Dubai Plaza, Tibet Mall, Gopalan Mall, Phoenix Mall and many more. Many prominent markets have added to the glory of the Garden City of India like the Brigade Road, MG Road, Chikpet Market, Gandhi Bazaar, Indira Nagar Market etc.

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Apart from these, the Pub City inhabitants are also carried away by the nightlife of this city. Clubs, Pubs & Discotheques are scattered all over the capital of Karnataka for people to engage & indulge themselves into more entertainment sources when the sun sets down. To know more about the nightlife of this city,  click here.

Art Galleries, trade shows and exhibitions have also kept the Bangaloreans at toes! Book fairs are also very common in Bangalore. The people of the silicon city also delve into culinary festivals like the Mexican Fiesta, August Moon festival, Hilsa Fest, Dakshin Food Festival and many more to tease you taste buds.

Let’s not forget to mention something about the fashion shows in Bangalore. Bangalore Fashion Week, a yearly event in Bangalore, has taken many breaths away of the fashionistas! Bangalore has produced style divas like Deepika Govind, Lakshmi Keerti, Ritu Pande, Sarita Mandoth and many others in the stream of fashion. There are many more entertainment events & options which Bangalore has for you. It’s one of the place in the world where you’ll never get bored! So, go pick your bags and land in Bangalore to have a time of your lifetime!

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