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Festivals in Bangalore

Being the third largest city in India and 27th largest in the world surely places Bangalore on a pedestal so high that even the fireworks touch its feet. The mention of fireworks draws attention to this city where the city seems to celebrate almost every day with a new festival, a new beginning with lots of faith and enthusiasm keeping the spirit of India alive. Some of the major Festivals in Bangalore are as follows:

Karaga Festival in Bangalore

Festivals in Bangalore

Celebrated in the month of March-April, this festival is a symbol of 'Shakti' i.e. Power which is the true meaning of Karaga (the earthern pot). Devotees place a karaga on their heads and make a progression towards the Sampangi tank where they are immersed in water.It is believed that one who can balance the pot well will be able to live his life with strength throughout. The carrier of the pot is a man dressed as 'Draupadi' as per the legend.Amidst singing and praying, the delicacy of rice boiled with spices is prepared and given to all.

Yugadi in Bangalore

Festivals in Bangalore

Celebrated in late March or Early April, this festival is considered as the Kannadiga New year. According to the legend, Lord Brahma created the world on this day and that is the reason , new ventures are reserved for this auspicious time.It starts with a praying and a ritual bathing session that continues overnight with food festivals.

Rath Yatra in Bangalore

Festivals in Bangalore

July is reserved for the festival to celebrate Lord Krishna's glory. A chariot with krishna's image with his siblings is paraded from Mathura and reached here celebrating his glory. The chariot is drawn across many parts of the country by approximately 4000 people.

Varmahalakshami in Bangalore

Festivals in Bangalore

To honor Goddess Lakshmi, the epitome of wealth and prosperity, this festival is celebrated with lots of dedication and enthusiasm. The puja done in Bangalore is famous throughout the country. As per the tradition, luxurious and expensive items are offered to the goddess to please her and bless them with prosperity and deliverance of financial problems.

Dusshera and Diwali in Bangalore

The months of October and November are reserved for the festival of lights. The theatrical performances of Ramlila, the sweets, the firecrackers are all a part of this festivity. This festival though celebrated throughout India, has its own special Bangalorian touch in the city's procession.

Kadalekai Parishe in Bangalore

Festivals in Bangalore

Kadalekai which means 'Peanut' has a story that goes down as a festivity in the month of November. It is held to celebrate the first groundnut crop of the year. The bull temples are on a rush due to a lot of visitors and devotees. Different varieties of peanuts are placed in heaps in front of the bull to please and bless the offerer good luck and wealth.A two day fair is also organized during that time.

Makar Sankranti in Bangalore

Known as Pongal, it is celebrated mostly in all the southern states of India.This festival is celebrated for the onset of spring season and also the harvest season.

Habba in Bangalore

Festivals in Bangalore

The end of the year has a special festival by the name Habba which in Kannada language means Festival. This event draws attention to the various arts and its forms.This event continues for a week  and involves adventure sports, dances,films etc. With a lot of food festivals and handicrafts fair, this city is just the place to be at with so many opportunities to avail.

Although Bangalore is good for a tourism purpose or even  worth a visit but at the time of festival, it is a new land with great insight into the culture and heritage and also with photogenic moments all around, the best time to create a scrap book memory.

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