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Fun World Bangalore

Fun World is a theme amusement park tucked in J.P. Nagar in Bangalore, it is spread over a sprawling area of 22 acres. It is fun to be here for everyone in the family especially the  little ones. To amuse the little visitors, Fun World has safe and fun rides, like Rounded Train & Toy Rides, Caterpillar Rides and Atlanta Roller Coaster. Fun World has a lot in store to the likings of kids of all ages.

Fun World in Bangalore

Imagine 36 amusement rides all rolled up in one place, what a fun it will be? These awesome rides are perfect for you if you are a thrill seeker, love heights and have a thirst for adventure. Fun World offer rides like Break Dance, the Merry go round, Columbus, Giant Wheel, Parachute and Tora Tora. Bowling Fun World offers a world class bowling alley which also serves as  a great place to unwind here is the bowling area. For video game buffs an added attraction is Video Arcade Star City . It is a perfect place to chill and try your hand at a variety of indoor games and have lots of fun and entertainment. In a nutshell it is such a world of entertainment that once experienced, you will not be able to forget throughout your life.

How to Reach Fun World in Bangalore

The Fun World is just 6.5 km from the city Bus stand and round 30 km from the Airport. If you are heading towards it right from the Railway station then you have to travel approximately 6.5 km. It is just 3 km from Yelahanka.

Water Rides at Fun World

Playing in water is a favorite thing right from the toddlers to all the grown ups.  Water world is a water park nestled in the Fun World. The water here is hygienic and clean as it has its own recycling plants. The water here is filtered perfectly through 5 filtration plants that can filter and disinfect around 30 lakh liters of water in just 8 hours.

It has awesome rides such as Wave pool, The Amazing Cyclone, water slides and The Pendulum. Here you can also enjoy Boating with family.

Water World provides several facilities to its visitors such as locker rooms which are 300 in numbers.  Separate changing rooms and shower rooms for gents and ladies.
Timings: 11:00 Am to 4:30 Pm

Star City at Fun World BangaloreStar City at Fun World in Bangalore

Star city at Fun World is just perfect for the kids who are gadget freaks. Children can enjoy the virtual race cars, motor racing, skiing and basketball. It houses over 60 simulator games. It also has a mini snack bar that provides good food to eat and refreshing drinks.
Timings: 11:00 Am to 8:00 Pm

Rides at the Fun World in Bangalore

It offers  a bowling alley with 12 lanes and several exciting electronic and semi robotic games for the children. To add to the attraction it is equipped with a fast food and juice center. Star city has hosted several competitions at national and international level.

The Fun World has something exciting to offer to every age group right from the toddler to the grandparents. It offers rides such as Family rides, Children rides and Adult rides.
Timings: 11:00 Am to 7:30 Pm

Family Rides at Fun World in Bangalore

  • Wave Pool: Here you will be amazed by the beach effect. When you are touched by repeated gentle waves, you feel like being on the beach.
  • Children’s Pool: It is a large but shallow pool where children and mother play together and have great fun.
  • Pendulum: It is a joy ride where you feel like swinging like a pendulum. You go up and you go down just to go up once again. It is such an enjoyable ride.
  • Fun Columbus: It is a 42 feet high boat shaped ride. Here around 40 people can sit at one go.
  • Break Dance: It is an amusement ride which is placed at a height of 10 feet. It has a seating capacity of 24 people.
  • Tora Tora: It is also a fun ride placed at a height of 15 feet and have a seating capacity of 40 people.
  • Octopus: It is placed at a height of 15 feet from the ground and 40 people can enjoy this ride at one go.

Rides for Children at Fun World in Bangalore

  • Jumping Frog: It is really a fun ride for children. You go up and you go down as if you are riding a frog.
  • Children Merry Go Round: It is a 15 feet high ride, with a seating capacity of 30 children. Your children will just enjoy going round and round and round.
  • Mini Telecombat: It is a 15 feet high thrilling ride. That is always a hit among children. It has a seating capacity of 10 children at a go.
  • Honey Bee: Who doesn’t  love flying? Especially the children. They enjoy the experience of  flying like a bee while taking this  ride.
  • Another amazing yet having optimal safety rides at Fun World are Dolphin Motor Byke, Sun Moon, Mini Salambom,  Baby Train, Mini Revolving Tower, Moving bucket, Flying Appu, Baby Dragon,  Cycle Chariot and Super Jet

Rides for Adults at Fun World in Bangalore

  • Crazy Cyclone: You will find this thrilling ride in the water world. Are you ready to take a ride that churns your stomach out when you ride at super speed that too with a cyclonic effect?
  • Bull Ride: Taking this ride is like experiencing a bull ride. Here you closely experience what is bull fighting all about.
  • Tsunami: The name of the ride itself speaks for the thrill and excitement of the ride.  You feel the adrenaline gushing into your system when you revolve full 360 degrees with the ride.
  • Giant Wheel: It is 90 feet high, can you imagine the excitement when you go up and come down on this huge wheel placed at such a scary height. To add to it, has a seating capacity of 120 people at a time.
  • Water Slide: Imagine rafting at a height of 55 feet and enjoying the waters. The water slide has a capacity of 2 people.
  • Space Vehicle: Space Vehicle is like taking a ride in the other space. It gives the perfect experience of visiting the outer space while you are yet on the earth.
  • Other interesting adult rides at Fun World are  Surf ride, Dashing Car,  Hang Glider, Swing Chair,  Mono Rail and Loop roller coaster.

Ride Charges:

You can have access to all the fun at Fun World and Water World at Rs 400/- on per person basis. You can also opt for the combo (Fun World and Water World) at Rs 600/- per person. You can enjoy video games at Star City at a token of Rs 10/- per game. Games in the bowling area at Rs 90/- per game on all days except holidays, Saturdays and Sundays as in these days you have to pay Rs 125/- per game.


Jayamahal Road, Off Palace Grounds Inner Rd,
Opposite TV Tower, J.C Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560006
Phone: 080, 23430496, 23543290, 23437217

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