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Home shops in Bangalore

Home Shops or Home Stores are those shops that provide free home delivery services to its customers. Bangalore, considering its metropolitan status & huge working class population, has thousands of home shops. And just like in any other metropolitan city, home shops in Bangalore doesn’t merely compromise of provision stores but also restaurants, fast food chains and even bakery shops.

Home Shops in Bangalore

From gadgets to groceries, you name it and Bangalore will deliver it at your place. With Home Shops, life of the working people has certainly went smooth. Getting everything delivered at one call has provided people with convenient options of skipping the effort to walk across whole of the store and carry the load back home. Retail stores give you many suitable options to pick the best and that too with guarantees and warranties. May it be a new cell phone or a pack of noodles, home delivery options save a lot of the physical effort and time.
For the working class, cooking is one of the most tiring tasks. So, many prominent as well as local restaurants introduced the home delivery option in Bangalore. May it be a street shop or a high-end restaurant, today home delivery is very common amongst all. Restaurants like Hungry Bytes 24/7, Midnight Hunger Solution 24/7, Biryani Night Out and Express Food Delivery- deliver food for 24 hours in a day. So even if you’re one of those Workaholics and you’ve entered your house in the wee hours, you can still have hot, sumptuous, fulfilling meals for yourself. Online sites like the DineNdeliver, Getmyfood and Delyver are the online solutions to your empty stomach.

Fast Food chains of KFC, Dominos, Taco Bell, Pizza Corner, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Subway and others have started delivering in deadlines. Some of these have come up with promotional ideas of delivering hot & fresh foods at your doorsteps. For example- Dominos has a tagline, “30 minutes delivery or free”. So, sitting inside those walls with your pajamas on will not be an issue anymore, if you want to avail those happy hours from your favorite fast food joint & have it on your couch.
Since Bangalore’s population is the third largest in the country certainly the number of Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays and special occasions will also be in high numbers. This flourished the bakery shops and the business of cakes & pastries. Now you can very easily choose your favorite cake, its flavor, the design, the weight and even add special toppings to it and order it online.

In case you are not in a mood to search for the best bakeries on foot choose one of these- Bangalore Cake Shop, located at Sanjaynagar, Sweet Chariot at Koramanglam, Monginis Cake Shop at multiple locations including Brigade Road and M.G Road, Miras Custom cakes at Banashankari, Cake Walk at Koramangala, Hoysala and Jayanagar; and online stores of Patisserie Nitash and Le Gateau. You are even given the liberty to deliver cakes at midnight at the doorsteps of some other person. You can pay with Cash-on-delivery or there are credit card payment options as well.

Home shops provide immense solace and convenience to people of Bangalore who are always racing against time. And with the increasing popularity of online shopping portals like Flipkart and Myantra, the pressure on home shops to increase their efficiency has increased immensely. In Bangalore online shopping portals like The Mega Home Store-@Home, Lifestyle and many like the above mentioned- which provide you a wide variety of options related to furniture, gadgets, accessories, clothing etc which have started to threat the small shopkeepers & other retail store’s sales.

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