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Hookah Bars in Bangalore

The best place to chill after lots of strenuous work is the Hookah Bars. If you're looking for a cocktail or a beer, hookah bars are the best solutions for all your needs. Bars in Bangalore are elegant places of entertainment for the elite.

Most exciting venue for a night out with friends are the hookah bars. The place to enjoy and have a calm feeling. Bangalore is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India with high density of population. Hookah bars are built to provide share shisha (flavored tobacco) to customers coming there.

The trend of hookah bar originated in India, as we all know the hookas are famous during Mughal period among rich and the elite classes. Hookah bars has become the most exciting place among youth to hang out with friends, where they can spend some time to enjoy their life to the fullest, forgetting all worries and tensions and refresh their mind and mood!

Here are some of the best places in Bangalore to enjoy with your friends and share a Hookah;

Magnolia in Bangalore

Magnolia in Bangalore

The Magnolia bar in Bangalore offers you an array of hookas flavors to be enjoyed. Magnolia provides the free home delivery services to customers located in Bangalore. The authentic flavor of Magnolia Bangalore doesn't let one to forget the place and tends them to come sooner and sooner.

Purple haze Bangalore

The rock pub, Purple haze in Bangalore gives you an awesome experience to hang out with friend or family. Purple haze Bangalore restaurant is filled with the music in the air. The delicious food along with comprehensive range of drinks gives you a feeling of calmness and peace.

Coconut grove Bangalore

The main attraction of this hookah bar is place it is located in the middle of busy road and Church Street on the other side. The famous dishes served here are appams, idiappams, fish curry and beer, with unbelievable taste and unmatched prices.

Toit Bangalore

Toit in Bangalore

Toit Bangalore is a pub for brewing, presents the exotic flavour of local fruits, spices, wheat and rice. Toit beers are prepared from natural ingredients to give you the natural flavour and taste to feel refreshed and calm.

Ginseng Bangalore

Ginseng Bangalore restaurant is decorated with Chinese culture. It is the place where after a busy day you can relax and enjoy the national & international flavors.

Over the top terrace lounge

The ambiance and cocktails served is the main attraction of over the top terrace lounge. You feel much comfortable here and host the elite party crowd of Bangalore. Over the top terrace lounge is a cool place to spend time forgetting all stress and worries. 

Hookah Bars in Banglore offers you an extensive list of options to enjoy with friends in a company of an extensive list of drinks and food. Though several government agencies find hookah addictive for the younger lot, especially the school going kids and there have been many regulations to curb the condition wherein Hookahs are served with alcohol. Though, these places totally abide by the law and follow the rules. You won't find any mixing of hookah water with alchohol or other intoxicants. These hookah bars offers the pure purpose of hanging out and enjoying with you friends. So, what are you waiting for? Just Go and Rock the party!!!!

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