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How to reach Murudeshwar from Bangalore

For South Indians Murudeshwar doesn’t need any introduction at all. Located in the interiors of Northern Karnataka, Murudeshwar bears immense religious importance for people of southern Indian. It is home to iconic Murudeshwar temple – from whom it derives its name – and also world's second-tallest Shiva statue, which sits cozily besides a very beautiful beach. Needless to say, for people of Bangalore Murudeshwar is even more special, as it is located in their own home state.
How to Reach Murudeshwar from Bangalore

Murudeshwar from Bangalore by Train

Murudeshwar does have a railway station, but very few long distance trains halt here. The easy way out is to go to Bhatkal railway station in Bhatkal town, merely 15 km away from Murudeshwar. From Bhatkal there are innumerable KSRTC and private buses for Murudeshwar after every 10 minutes.

Bangalore to Bhatkal train

Yeshvantpur - Karwar Express/16515 – departs Yeshvantpur station at 7:30 A.M and reaches Bhatkal station: 3:40 PM; runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

Bhatkal to Murudeshwar KSRTC buses schedule

As of today there are 6 KSRTC buses for Bhatkal to Murudeshwar
  • 1st KSRTC bus: departs Bhatkal: 1 A.M, fare: Rs 33.
  • 2nd KSRTC bus: departs Bhatkal: 06:30 A.M, fare: Rs 20.
  • 3rd KSRTC bus: departs Bhatkal: 08:00 A.M, fare: Rs 25.
  • 4th KSRTC bus: departs Bhatkal: 07:30 A.M, fare: Rs 22.
  • 5th KSRTC bus: departs Bhatkal: 16:15, fare: Rs 26.
  • 6th KSRTC bus: departs Bhatkal: 19:15, fare: Rs 22.        

Murudeshwar from Bangalore by Air

Murudeshwar doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport is Mangalore airport, approximately 154 kms away from Murudeshwar. Although Mangalore and Bangalore airports are quite well connected by innumerable flights, traveling via air to Murudeshwar must be best avoided. It is time consuming as well as very expensive. However if you do chose to travel via air, then from Mangalore you can either opt for KSRTC bus service or train service to reach Murudeshwar.

As of today there are 3 KSRTC buses for Mangalore to Murudeshwar, but all the buses are available after midnight, i.e. between 12 A.M to 6 A.M.

Schedule for KSRTC buses for Mangalore to Murudeshwar
  • 1st KSRTC Bus: departs at 03:00 A.M from Mangalore: Fare: Rs 260.
  • 2nd KSRTC Bus: departs at 04:00 A.M from Mangalore: Fare: Rs 245.
  • 3rd KSRTC Bus: departs at 04:50 from Mangalore: Fare: Rs 280.
As for trains, there is one passenger train from Mangalore to Murudeshwar which runs on all days.
Mangalore-Madgaon Passenger/ no 56640 – depart Mangalore Central station at 6:20 A.M and reaches Murudeshwar station at 10: A.M; runs on all days.

Murudeshwar from Bangalore by Road

Traveling to Murudeshwar is by far the best option. Its inexpensive as well as less time consuming. The total distance between Bangalore and Murudeshwar is 625Km. it takes around 9hrs to 11hrs bus journey from Bangalore to Murudeshwar. If you’re choosing to travel by road, then you can either opt for state run KSRTC buses or private tour & travel agencies.

As of today there are only 3 KSRTC buses between Bangalore and Murudeshwar.

Trip Code                      Departure Time            Starting Bus Stand
2130BNGMRD                 21:30 P.M                Kempegowda Bs [Majestic] 
0701BNGBKL                  07:01 A.M               Kempegowda Bs [Majestic]
1847BNGBKL                  18:47 P.M                Kempegowda Bs [Majestic]     

Travel agencies in Bangalore providing bus services to Murudeshwar

Kamat Tourists: 080-26677142
SRS Travels: 080-26801616
Sri Durgamba Travels: 080-40985715, 9141665613
Sea Bird Tourist: (080)-2228 8888, (080)-41440915, (080)-41530112

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