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Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills are also known as the Kolli Malai, which is also featured on several of the Tamil classical literature like Manimekalai, Ainkurnuru etc.  The mountains of the regions are somewhere around 1000 to 1300mtrs. in  height and are covering the area of approximately 280 Km per square. There are around 70 hair pin bends, one needs to cross before reaching to the top of the hill. At the top of the hills, you will be enthralled by the magical panoramic view of the entire region.

The Kolli hills are part of the Eastern Ghats, the mountain range which runs parallel to the eastern coast of Southern India. They are also known for keeping the natural calm despite of the commercialization that's happening due to active tourism levels.

There are two viewpoints from Kolli Hills, one is the Seku Parai and another is the Seku Nadu. These two focal points are the most visited by the tourists and at any point of time you could see small bunches of tourists at both the locations.

Around the foothills, one can found many small villages, whose inhabitants are mostly dependent on the tourism for their livelihood. The climatic conditions in the surrounding area is influenced by the hills, which remains cool and windy most of the time with seasonal rainfalls. Some of the new towns across the hills are –Namakkal, BeluKurichi, Rasipuram, Namagiri Pettai etc.

Kolli Hills fulfills the best purpose of a hill station near a busy city like Bangalore. Being a IT city and a city of workaholics, weekends are bliss. So people through their own convenience travel to near places as such to take a break from the routine life and regenerate.

kolli hills in bangalore

There is the nominal amount which needs to be given when you enter the temple, which is somewhere around Rs 10-for bike and Rs 20-for the car. There are some other areas which could be seen;

  • Akaashaganga which is one of the water falls. One has to come down and then back at least 1302 steps for reaching to the falls. The steps are quite steep and of course tiring as well. Approximately it takes around two hours to ascend and come back.
  • Arapaleeswarar Temple- the main deity at the temple is lord Shiva, which is located on the right opposite to the Akash Ganga Falls. It an old temple with the history attached to it.
  • Botanical Gardens- One of the ideal spot for the kids as they can gain knowledge as well as can have the loitering done across the whole area.
  • Mini Falls- Small waterfalls which are close to the temple which is just for viewing and scenic beauty and nothing else.
  • Some other options are – Masila Falls, Sikku Parai, Sozakaadu etc. Also you can go ahead with the fishing option as well.
  • The lodging and the staying arrangements in this area is not up to the mark. Whereas for the family trips and all, you can prefer the Nallathambi Resort. Apart from this there are several other options.  The town doesn’t have any night life as the whole of the town sleeps around at 8:00 PM.

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