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Markets in Bangalore

When it comes to shopping, Bangalore is considered as one of the top one among other metropolitan cities. Shoppers always hungry for new products and there are a good number of markets in Bangalore as a solution for this. Bangalore markets have books, clothes, handicrafts, electronics, accessories, jewellery and so on.

The markets in Bangalore considered as the best testing ground for the international brands debuting in the country. The reason to consider Bangalore as the first option for the international brands is mainly because of the comparative cheap rentals to set up a store besides its cosmopolitan nature.

The markets in Bangalore are comparatively lower rental spot as Mumbai and Delhi. The markets here attract the people to set up a store and see the first response in Bangalore. Though both Delhi and Mumbai are significant markets, but the problem is the high rentals, so in this respect, Bangalore is perfect.

Bangalore city has a cosmopolitan crowd when compared with Delhi or Mumbai and the market size is medium, which is neither too small nor too big. The percentage of young people with high income and international exposure is higher in Bangalore when compared with other cosmopolitan cities in the country. Hence, international brands prefer to start their business from here.

Also the demography of the city matches the expectations of an international company. Another advantage is people from all over the country are settled in Bangalore. SP Market, KR Market, Sunday Market and National Market are the few of the most visited in the city. Shopping in Bangalore can be an amazing experience if one knows the right places to shop at the most visited markets in Bangalore:

KR Market in Bangalore

One of the significant wholesale markets in Bangalore is the K.R. Market, dealing with commodities. Sri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar, who was the major ruler of the earliest Mysore state, the market is called by his name. This market is located at the Krishnarajendra Road junction on the Mysore Road.

K.R Market is a vibrant, crowded and busy market in the heart of the Bangalore city. People need to go early morning to get fresh vegetables and flowers come for the day. 

Flower market at KR Market in Bangalore

City Market is one of the oldest wholesale markets in Bangalore and is locally known as KR Market. City Market is located in the Chickpet area of the Bangalore city and tightly packed with a huge number of people, who are coming here to sell and buy almost everything from vegetables, fruits, dry fruits or flowers and anything one might need in their daily lives.

City market wakes up in the early morning and one can find the riots of colors scattered around all over the roads and that increases traffic hustle which would consist everyone from peddlers, overwhelmed people, to rickshaws and modern vehicles fitted with heavy horse-engine-power.

One would definitely enjoy the travel to City market, in North Bangalore from the Koramangala in South Bangalore, like a time-travel to great old Bangalore. The city market may remind people about the same old Ghaziabad Ghantaghar market which still looks and feels very same after 25 years. 

It would be a different experience among the Bangalore city which is busted with fancy food outlets and shopping malls. City market got the vibrancy of its own, being one of the oldest markets in Bangalore. Though the city market is struggling to compete with the modern shopping malls and other markets in the Bangalore, still the life and livelihood maintained in this market is commendable.

The City Market also called as KR Market, named after the Mysore king Maharaj Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. This market is still colorful and vibrant, though it is more than a century old.

The activities at the city market starts before the sunrise. Right in the morning the market is set up with shops and vendors at their places, it is that time of the day when wholesalers, day-today businessmen and retailers set up their businesses.

People would love to experience the activities during morning when none of the shopping mall or any other urban markets is not open, provides a vibrant kick of color and lives. The best spot in the market is the Flower Market and at its best at the dusk. One can get all kinds of flowers at a minimum rate than anywhere in Bangalore, because of the wholesale market.

Electronic Market in Bangalore

Purchasing computer, laptop, electronic gadgets and accessories in Bangalore can be a real difficult task if one does not know the exact place to buy. Most people prefer to buy from two famous spots in Bangalore to get the good quality electronic goods at affordable price.

Computer-warehouse on M.G. Road is one of the major spots. One will get the value of products for their money here, though the discounts may be not there. Binary world is another store for the electronic products. They have their major showroom on the BDA Complex near to the Indira Nagar Police Station, the sub store on Malleshwaram Central.

There are several small shops opening up from SP Road, which are filled with electronics products, computers and mobiles. Sunday will be off for all the electronic shops in that area except a few.

Grey Market in Bangalore

Grey market in Bangalore

The market dealing with the mobile phones and accessories, the grey market also affected by the economic slowdown of the Bangalore. But the grey markets in the Bangalore are still active in the duplicate mobile phones, fake currency and cloned SIM cards.

Sunday Market in Bangalore

Sunday market in Bangalore starts from BVK Iyengar Road and ends till the KR Market Bridge. The market usually starts at seven-thirty and continues until dark. Sunday Market initiates with the cloth stalls. One can get many colorful jackets, blankets, kids' clothes and towels from here.

Also one can find the old hardware stalls where one can get the spanners, gears and nuts and bolts and other things with a cheap price. For buying kitchen ware, steel utensils and plastic containers, many stalls are there in a separate area.

Of course if someone is looking for cheap electronics, from phones to memory cards, there won't be any difficulty in finding the same. Actually this market is a true paradise for technophiles, somebody who would like to put something together from old pieces.

National Market in Bangalore

National Market, situated in the middle of the Bangalore city, has been extremely famous among the Bangalore shoppers. This market got everything one would like to catch during their shopping. This is a great place when it comes to purchase the electronic, accessories or home products and one can get great deals in this market.

Raja Market in Bangalore

Raja Market in Bangalore

Raja Market on avenue road would be the best place for someone who is looking for fashion or imitation jewels, if diamonds and gold have become more expensive. This market has about more than 100 stores which deal in fashion and silver ornaments. This market complex is very famous for its temple jewellery, Kundan sets, Rajasthani handmade jewellery, zircon and antique silver designs.

Though it is well known for the imitation jewellery, there is no need for the disappointment for a person who is looking for gold, beads, silver, stones and emerald. Many temples are using the stone studded crowns from this market to decorate the god and goddess during the festivals in Bangalore.

Johnson Market - Bangalore Street Food

Johnson Market has always visited by food lovers and many get the parceled food from here. The rush begins here from early morning to have a tea and till late night.

Food at Johnson Street in Bangalore

Vegetable Markets in Bangalore

Russell Market is a well known market in the Bangalore city. One of the oldest markets in the city built in the Indo-Sarcenic style with the imported steel girders and brick mortar. Vegetable markets were segregated and had many entrances. All kinds of vegetables and fruits can be available here, even the imported fruits. Californian Apple and Kiwi fruits are the most imported ones.

Flea Markets in Bangalore

This amazing street market expands across Cottonpet, Sultanpet, Chickpet, Avenue Road, A S Achar Street, Akkipet, parts of BVK Iyengar roads and Taragupet . One can find household appliances to apparels to software items to hardware tools, just about everything.

Tibetan Market in Bangalore

Tibetan market is mainly for trendy clothes and considered as a paradise for the shopper's. There are many shops with imported bags, clothes, shoes and accessories from Vietnam, Bangkok and other places across the border. Tibetans and Chinese people are running these shops. One can hear the instrumental music from the Himalayan region from the entrance of this market along with the fragrant presence of incense sticks too.

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