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Media in Bangalore

Mass Media has the power to turn the world upside down. The effect of the Media of the nation is so strong that it has led to so many revolutions in the past, and if we talk about the present, the means of communication are doing the same today- Making world a better place to live in. Print as well as the broadcast media and the new media (Internet) have been on their toes to serve you the best platter of Local, National & International happenings. In Bangalore, this transformation began long back. Let us discuss it in detail:

Media in Bangalore

Newspapers & Magazine in Bangalore:

In 1840, Bangalore’s first printing press came into being. Nineteen years later, Bangalore welcomed its first English daily- ‘Punjab Kesari’ which was circulated bi-weekly. Post this event, a year later in 1860, first Kannada newspaper debuted in Bangalore namely ‘Mysore Vrittanta Bodhini’. At present The Times of India & Vijaya Karnataka is the most widely circulated publication in Bangalore. The largest print house of Karnataka called the ‘Mysore Printers’ publish Deccan Herald and Prajavani, which are very close in the lead. For local news, switch to newspapers like the Bangalore Mirror, Mid-Day, Udayavani and Vijaya Karnataka.

The more the population, the more are the tools of the media!
080 & Open Magazine of Bangalore serve to Citizen related issues, Lifestyle and Fashion. If you are one of the ‘always-in-a-hurry-Bangaloreans’, pick ‘The Hindu’, ‘Deccan Herald’ or ‘The Times of India’-for their e-newspaper services.

Radio in Bangalore:

On the historic day of 2nd November 1955, All India Radio broadcasted from their radio station in Bangalore. In 2001, Radio City became the first private radio channel of Bangalore after which many other FM channels came into existence. Bangalore’s Amateur Radio club (HAM radio) is the oldest amongst all other radio stations in Bangalore and it completed 50 years of existence in the year 2009. Apart from the Governmental as well as the Private radio channels, there were two community radio stations as well- Ramana Voices & Radio Active.

Television in Bangalore:

In the year 1981, Doordarshan started with its relay center in the Silicon City after two years of which, the first News Program in the IT Hub was broadcasted on the 19th in the month of November. Many years later, Satellite channel of Doordarshan (present DD Chandana) was launched in Kanadda on the 15th Of August 1991. After this incident, channels started to pop up with Star Plus being the first one to be broadcasted. This was a chain reaction which invited other private satellite channels in the Silicon City. This revolution in the viewing experiences, transformed Bangalore. Today, the ‘Direct-to-Home’ Service is very popular in the people of Bangalore.

New Media/ Internet in Bangalore:

With the era of the 90’s, STPI became the first Internet Service Providers in the Metal Capital of the nation but the initial services were only provided to the corporate & business houses. Later on in 1995, VSNL became the first ones to distribute ‘Dial-up’ connections so that the general public could have access to the World Wide Web. In number of Internet Broadband connections, Bangalore is on the top of the list with the highest number of net connections in India. Thanks to the large Software Hub inside the City!

Bangalore also has ‘Explocity’-which provides with the listings on various services in Bangalore.

Did you Know Bangalore’ Brigade Road & MG Road were the first places to get the Wi-Fi Connections in the nation!

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