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Kannada language describes Mekedatu as ‘Goat’s Leap’. The distance of this place from Bangalore is approximately 95 kilometers via Kanakapura. Rivers Arkavathy & Kaveri merges with each other at a place called Sangam. Three and a half kilometers downstream from here River Kaveri (Cauvery)downpours into a deep gorge.

The name comes from a very popular ancient tale of a goat and a tiger. It is said that once, a goat (meke) was being chased by a hungry tiger. The goat took a huge leap from one side to the other side of the gorge and saved herself. However, the gorge is not so narrow that a goat can cross it so easily. Also with time, the distance between the two gorges has increased with erosion of the soil because of the strong water flow.

Mekedatu Bangalore

Mythological versions say that the goat was none, but Lord Shiva in disguise. The ends of both gorges have strange holes resembling a goat’s hooves. Since the marks are deep and wide, people believe that only supreme powers in the goat can leave such an impression on the hard granite like of the gorge.

If you want to see several different versions of the mighty Cauvery river, then Mekedatu is perhaps the best place to be in. Mekedatu can be easily reached via a small drive at the Kanakpura Raod, which is 88kms away from Bangalore. Following the Sangama you can take a bus or you just hike along the river bank to reach the location. Mekedatu is a beautiful gorge that flows through the confluence of the two rivers.

The gorge is just ten meters wide with slippery rocks and speedy water flow. People often slip off the edges of the gorge or die of drowning here.

To reach Mekedatu one has to drive till Sangam. Many tour operators in Bangalore also provide transport to Sangam. After reaching the confluence, he/she has to take the circular boats to cross the river. One can also try to walk towards the other side only if the water level is low. Mekedatu is just 4 kilometers from here and the best time to visit is the later half of the year (August to January).
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Chunchi falls is the nearest attraction on the way. Along the way to Mekedatu, a person can visit Mekedatu 2 as well, where the flow of the water is comparatively smoother. Since many of the travelers prefer traveling in bus from Sangam to Mekedatu, they tend to miss this spot.

How To Reach Mekedatu:

By Car/ Bike:

Take a left from the Kanakapura town towards the road that leads towards Kaveri-Sangam. Keep looking for direction boards. Approximately, after 35 km, one can visualize Chunchi Falls at Left hand side. Following the same road of the Chunchi Falls, you will reach Sangam from where you can take a bus (across the river) for Mekedatu.

By Bus:

KSRTC provides with many buses to Kanakapura from where you need to change for another bus to Sangam. From Sangam, one can either walk or board another bus to Mekedatu.


Do not try to cross the river when water level is high. Drive carefully in the Ghat Section i.e. 3 kilometers before Sangam. At Sangam, you will find parking facilities for vehicles but there are no decent restaurants at the confluence. So try carrying some packed food for yourself.

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