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Museums in Bangalore

India is famous for its rich heritage and culture and with the culture and the precious origins of our history secured in its wondrous museums is an appreciable task for the ones who have managed and also the ones who genuinely enjoy and appreciate those artifacts. We give you a virtual tour to some of the museums in Bangalore.

Government Museum in Bangalore

Government Museum in Bangalore

Bangalore is the city with most of the exciting historical buildings and their stories. Their culture, artworks and innovative creations can be experienced in this city. The best museums can be witnessed on the grounds of Cubbon Park. Government museum is of the majorly visited attraction for the tourists or even the localities. This museum is counted amongst most of the oldest in India. It is well located at the Kasturba Gandhi road and is near to the magnificent park named as Cubbon Park.

The construction of this museum took place in the year 1876 and it was majorly designed by Colonel Richard Heiram Sankey an engineer of Ireland of East India Company. Earlier only a single wing was designed for the museum but in later years another wings were attached to the existing building block and were open for public in the year 1886. The architecture of building is quite magnificent and represents the English style of Architecture.

The exteriors designed with beautiful stone columns and grand in its size, this museum has fairly impressive features for the spectators. Other than this, you will experience the English glory with grand Corinthian columns in the interiors supporting this double storied structure with Neo-classical design of architecture. The two floor museum is further divided into 18 different galleries for display.

These galleries display various different sections like those of natural history, geology, well carver sculptures, art pieces and numismatics. The section of ancient history will present you with the rarest of collection of ancient coins and art pieces, Hindu relics, art work of Indus Valley Civilization relating you to the times of Mohenjo-Daro, Halebid and Vijaynagar. The overall relics collection is dating back to around 500 years old.

Other than these collections you also get to see the collection from the Neolithic period with their prehistoric artifacts. During the excavations were being carried out at Chandravalli, these artifacts were found and since then are being preserved and displayed in this museum. Also the museum comes up with the beautiful and rich assortments of South Indian jewelry, magnificent stones, paintings, sculptures, icons, textiles and many more famous works of South.

Another wing that was later connected to the main block is the Venkatappa Art Gallery. This wing displays the most artistic paintings of Mysore style. In an average, there are 600 painting that are being displayed throughout the year. The paintings display the great impressive lake view of Ooty. The visitors defiantly get to visualize the mind-blowing art form that represents the monsoon painting, beautiful vies of Church-Hill, Nilgiri mountains, Kodaikanal etc.

Coming to the first floor of the Government museum, it has a collection of the world known artists of India. Starting from paintings of greatest artists like M. F. Hussein, Vasudev, Hanumaiah, Hariram, Rekha Rao, Yusuf Arakkal and N. S. Bender etc. you will definitely be left with no words to define these wonderful creations by humans. Other than the creative paintings, on the same floor you will have more to see. The other section displays the best of wooden carvings which is dedicated to C.P. Raja Ram.

As you reach the second floor, here comes the “Heber Section”. It is named so because the art forms present in this section is solely dedicated to K.K. Heber. Also they include various sketches labeled with Japan Bali village, mother and so on.

Location- Kasturba Gandhi Road
Timings- 10 am to 5 pm; Wednesdays closed
Main attraction- Neolithic artifacts
Contact- 08022864483
Entry fee- Rs. 5

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bangalore

Museums in Bangalore

This museum is majorly dedicated to the National Council of Science Museums which is as organization under the ministry of culture of Government of India. Located in the middle of the Bangalore city, this museum also serves as a trade centre to the people. This museum was designed and then dedicated to Sir M. Visvesvaraya, a great engineer, his works and principle of science. The building complex is designed in 40,000 sq ft of area.

Located in the premises of famous Cubbon Park, this museum was inaugurated by India’s Late Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru dating back to November 11, 1962. This museums was constructed with the financial support of industrialists, Karnataka State Government as well as the Government of India.

The whole museum complex comprises of 7 permanently designed exhibitions halls. Other than this, 2 exclusive temporary exhibition spaces display the Wright Brother Aeroplane and Dinosaur zone.

The seven halls are based on the following concepts as: Engine hall, Electrotechnic, Fun Science, Space Emerging Technology in the service of mankind, Biotechnological Revolution, BEL-Hall of Electronics, and Science for children.

  • The engine hall displays the various automobile engines that were once used in the industry of machines, jet aircraft and other mechanical devices. The precession and measure of predictability of the machines in Industry that work endlessly and continues within the metal tracks without provision of any external power source to it.
  • The compound zone of the complex exhibits a steam engine and airplane model. These displays portrays the existence of Science and Technology in the Indian Industry as well as human welfare.
  • The Electrotechnical hall displays educate people about the basic principles of electricity, communicators, and electronics.
  • One can explore the knowledge about Rocket Science and history of space in the exclusive Space Hall.
  • Biotechnology hall exhibits mainly on the basics of biotechnology and its applications.
  • The Dinosaur Corner displays the moving replica of the species of Spinosaurus.
  • The Fun Science zone gives you experience about the science of optics, fluids and perception.
To add more to the wonderful experience of the science lovers, this museum came up with the 3-Dimensional Theater that has attractive features displaying various films based on deep sea diving. These displays are screened with the help of Light Speed technology from USA.

Location- Kasturba Rd, Bangalore, KA 560001
Timings- 10:00am to 6:00 pm
Contact- 080 2286 4114
Admission fees-
General Visitors- Rs.20/-
Students/Organized Groups- Rs.10/-
Taramandal Show- Rs.5/-
Science Demonstration Show- Rs.2/-
3D Film Show- Rs.10/ for school group, Rs. 20/- for general visitors
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Nehru Planetarium in Bangalore

Museums in Bangalore

This museum was established in the year 1989 by the Bangalore City Corporation. Famously known as Nehru Planetarium, it is also known by the name of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagra Palike (BBMP). In many cities of India, Nehru Planetarium has been made which are dedicated to Late Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

This museum enlightens people about the elements of Science in nature. Other than the main complex of planetarium, it also has Science Park on the same complex that is major attraction to the children. There are regular shows that are being held here which are based on the space science that includes information about twinkling starts, astronauts, meteoroids, comets, constellations and their forms, solar system, and other various cosmic events. This museum serves the best of scientific knowledge for the students as well as adults with their practical display and video graphic effects about the events that are being held here.

The building complex has a dome shaped structure which is the ceiling to the main display hall. While the show is being held, the projections are displayed over this dome along with audio lecture sessions. This is well known as Sky-Theater, where the night sky is simulated and video visuals help the spectators for easy understanding about the topics.

The sky-theatre shows are very popular attracting about 200,000 visitors every year. Other than the science shows, there are also astronomical sessions for the people who tend to learn more about astrological science. The projections are displayed with the six-inch code refractor telescope that show the solar system and other related animated graphics. The show duration ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

The overall size of the dome of the planetarium is 15 meters in diameter and also has a seating capacity of 225 to 250 people at a time. On daily basis two shows are being held with special preference to the school children.

Other than the main complex of the planetarium, there is Science Park, developed in the same complex. This provides a natural environment for learning the outdoor games. A bid sized model of D.N.A. helix, Sound Resonant Swings, Whispering Dishes, Sun Dial for calculating time, Giant Kaleidoscope, Model of Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle (PSLV) is present here.

Location- Kasturba Rd, Bangalore, KA 560001
Timings- 3 p.m(in Kannada ), 4.30 p.m (in English), except on Mondays and second Tuesday.
Contact- +91-80-2226-6084 or 2220-3234
Entry fee- Rs 25 for person above 16 and Rs. 10 for below 16 years of age. No children below five are allowed.

Karnataka Folk Museum in Bangalore

Museums in Bangalore

Based on the cultural history of Bangalore, Karnataka Folk Museum is the best place to visit to get the same experience. The collection displayed in museum witnesses the authority of major rulers of Indian history. The complex is designed in 15 acres of land on the Kumara Park West, Sheshadripuram.

The location of this museum is around 53 kms away from the main Bangalore city. This folk museum was set up to promote the magnificent diverse folk and art life of Karnataka. Karnataka Janapada Trust majorly manages this museum of folk art. Over here people will get to experience the most wondrous collection of Karnataka folk music and dance forms. Other than the musical displays which are the main attractions of this place, one also gets to see the art work done on the unique face masks, colorful artifacts, costumes of ancient times, etc.

There are different types of stone carves temple chariots which reminds you of the history of South India. Apart from all this displays, the galleries also exhibits different forms of music and art like recording studios with the latest equipments, which are dedicated to folk life of India.

The whole museum complex is divided into three sections namely – Lokamahal, Lokamatha Mandira, and Chitrakuteera. These sections display the rich and rare collection of Karnataka folklore art puppets, historical weapons, beautiful carved chariot and a lot more.

The first section namely Lokamahal, is a two storied building that displays quite unique collection of puppets, masks, weapons, utensils and folk instruments.

The second section called as Lokamatha Mandira is the building that majorily displays wide assortments of baskets, earthen jars/pots, handmade utensils, etc. These jars and are basically used for pickle and grain storage to protect them from getting stale.

Chitrakuteera, one of the third zones of the museum displays various photographs that define well about the various aspects of folk life of ancient times.

Location- Mysore highway
Timings- 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Tuesday closed
Contact- 9686601166
Entry Fee- Rs 20 per person, Kids – Rs 10 ; Foreign Nationals : Rs. 100/-
Camera fees- Rs 100, charged only if you wish to take pictures inside the museums

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