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Orion Mall in Bangalore

Orion Mall, Bangalore has opened in the year 2011, situated on the Rajkumar road in Rajajinagar and was designed by New York's famous architectural firm H.O.K. This is the second largest shopping mall in Asia, spread over 8.5 lakh square feet and covering 4 floors. This mall offers a wonderful feel to the visitors and its world class design is comparable to the Dubai's luxury malls. This mall has more than 100 stores which offers national and international brands.

A five star, Sheraton hotel is also present in the mall premises. For people's entertainment, a small lake with a fountain also created in the compound. Orion mall is a must visit spot in Bangalore which consists of a two floor supermarket, spacious parking lot, a multiplex theatre and many food joints.

Orion Mall in Bangalore

Orion Mall, Bangalore carries the taste of everyone and every mood over 100 brands caters to. It is considered as the best mall in the category of dining in Bangalore, the mall provides retailers and customers a safe and hassle free environment alike. The Orion Mall is selected by the customer point of view as one of the best planned retail spaces in the Bangalore city, with ample parking, a wide range of food, shopping and entertainment choices spread over 4 floors.

Orion Mall is a starry constellation of the Brigade Gateway, the Brigade Group’s flagship venture. The Orion Mall can be reached easily by road, which is conveniently located and is beside the planned Metro rail station on Rajkumar road. The Orion mall, Bangalore incorporates the latest technological advancement in structure, security systems and space utilization, for customers  and retailers alike to enjoy a safe environment.

Highlights of The Orion Mall, Bangalore

Lake Promenade at Orion Mall

Lake Promenade is the main attraction of the Orion mall, Bangalore. It is a large 2 acres human made lake situated at the front of the mall. Obviously this lake attracts a huge number visitors with its scenic view. The dining restaurants in the mall serve their Al Fresco dining on the lake front.

Multiple Entrances at Orion Mall

One can reach the Orion mall from any of the entrances to Brigade Gateway, since it is built in the Brigade Gateway campus and people can choose the most convenient way.

Shopping at Orion Mall

If someone is interested to do shopping in Bangalore their first preference would go to the Orion mall, since they have an impressive range of both international and national brands. Here one can find all that they want and a lot more - from trend setting everyday wear, chique accessories and high street dazzlers. People would love to do the way they do the shopping in this mall and also to discover a new way to shop in an inspiring ambiance.

Food and Dine at Orion Mall

Orion mall is the best place for the food lovers and stepping into the Orion will take them around the world. Many people are coming here to enjoy the fine dining restaurants and cuisines including lakeside service. There are more than 25 multi cuisine food joints are serving the people coming here, including the blend of the traditional and contemporary European restaurants. One will love Orion mall, if they enjoy food

Entertainment at Orion Mall

There is something amazing with the entertainment at Orion mall, which includes the largest multiplex in the country, the largest bowling alley and an amazing gaming section.

Whatever the area of interest, Orion mall will provide an extensive exposure of the products or services to a great amount of consumer traffic. Orion is considered as a brand that could help one to kick-start or reinvent the business. Anyway one look at it, they can be confirms that Orion Mall will draw more customers, more often, for longer term. So the relationship with Orion mall will not only be a very successful, but also will be an enjoyable one.

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