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Parks in Bangalore

Bangalore, even though has modernized in many ways and known as the Silicon City, it is still successful in retaining a lot of its greenery and is hence known as the Garden City. It harbors many parks and gardens. A couple of trees by the side of the road is quiet a common sight in this city. Besides housing some of the best IT industries in the world and having developed by leaps and bounds, be it in the aspect of its contribution to the economy of the country or its lifestyle pacing along with the rest of the world, this city also takes pride in keeping connected with the nature in these modern times. The scenic beauty of the city can be enjoyed by taking a stroll through its many parks. Some of the popular parks in the Bangalore are mentioned below:

Coles Park

Coles Park in Bangalore
This park exists since 1914 and has initially been named after A.H. Coles, a resident of Mysore. Military bands played in this park during the colonial rule. Today, the park has been renamed as 'Freedom Fighters Park' though the initial name is much more popular. This is one of the biggest parks in Bangalore. The Park has been converted from a place for bandstands to a place friendly for joggers, children and everyone else. The best feature of the park is that it has disabled friendly facilities.

M.N. Krishna Rao Park

M.N. Krishna  Park

This park has been named after Sir M.N. Krishna Rao, the erstwhile acting Dewan of Mysore. It is beautifully lined up with Gulmohar trees. It is situated in Basavangudi. It is the perfect place for joggers. The children have plenty of space to play around. There are exclusive play areas for both children and adults. The park occupies a huge area of 69825 sq. meters totally.

Bugle Rock Park

Kempe Gowda, the feudal lord of Bangalore, built four watch towers in Bangalore to mark the limits for the city's expansion. Bugle Rock is the marker on the southern boundary. It is believed that everyday at the sunset, the sentry would blow he bugle and hold a torch. There are hollows in the rocks near the park which were used to light lamps. The park is frequently visited by families today. It has walking tracks and various stone statues adorning the park. The park is beautiful as well as scientifically stimulating as the abrupt rise of the rock above the ground level is a matter of scientific interest. This rock is nearly 3000 million years old.

Jaymahal ParkJaymahal park in Bangalore

This park is situated in one of the most elite areas of Bangalore. It s also counted among one of the well-maintained parks in the city. Like many other parks, this park has a well maintained kid's play area as well as jogging tracks. The distinctive feature about this park is that it harbours many plants which are indigenous and imported. It has many murals and figures built in plaster of Paris. The maintenance of the park emphasizes on pesticides or insecticides-free environment thus reducing the pollution in the air. It makes a great place for a family outing.

Cariappa Memorial Park

Cariappa Memorial Park in Bangalore
This park which is located in the heart of the city, on M.G.Road is named after F.M. Cariappa, the field Marshall who served in the Indian Army. This park is built and maintained by the Indian Army. Hence, the park has its games and play area in military theme. This enables the children develop mentally and physically while they simultaneously have fun.

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