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Pearl Valley Waterfall

The Pearl Valley or Muthyala maduvu is a tourist attraction with a captivating waterfall situated in Karnataka state. The waterfall which is formed by narrow jets of water which falls down from a height of 90 meters is the main attraction. The jets of water pattern a pond giving it the concept of pearls.

The fall of water strewn across the rock surface make the appearance of scattered pearls, therefore the name comes. The fall, its serene ambiance and the lush green valley are a gigantic draw for tourists.

Pearl valley is a multi stage waterfall. The water gurgling through the rocks here soothes the soul and mind. A Nilgiri forest close to the peak of the waterfall is a perfect destination to while away warm afternoons on a sunny day. There is enough shade at the base of the waterfall with a small pond where one can enjoy their swimming. Tourists can be seen splashing round in the little pool which is at the base of the fall.

The Pearl valley furthermore has good number of flora and fauna. There is a little shrine dedicated to Shiva at the top of the valley which is providing a religious feel to the place. One can see lots of rocks under shady trees at the bottom of the valley.

Tourism at Pearl Valley

Pearl Valley is very close to the town and people have to consider this as the major advantage of this wonderful destination, and also another attractive factor of this valley is that it is a part of natural attractiveness which is yet to be touched by civilization. The most intriguing part of this tourist spot is in its proficiency to stay a part of innocent beauty that is totally raw and not exploited.

If the tourists feeling tired and sick of the Bangalore town, run away to Pearl Valley and find calm in the wildlife and beautiful waterfall.  It is a good idea for a drive away from the Bangalore city and a loving spot for the couples. One can also book a two wheeler and ride here like most of the locals do. It is not difficult to reach this place, since the route directions are clearly marked on the way.

Pearl Valley or Muthyala Maduvu has a holiday resort where one can stay over and relish the calm and peace. One will have to climb down the hills and into the valley to have the view of the waterfall, and they can get food provided from KSTDC canteen as well as from many restaurants there. The falls are a beautiful sight just after the monsoons, and it would be a nice idea to travel to the falls during the July and August months, when the rainfall would make certain the waterfall is a fabulous outlook.

The water comes from the nearby Onakanahalli Tank. If the tourists are interested to do the trekking, this is a great spot for them. Walk round the wilds and meet mostly innocuous animals and view a lot of trees and plants. One can also stay over at any of the hotels and resorts which are well liked here. This tourist destination is well liked by persons who seen it as a day trip or a weekend tour from Bangalore, so during the weekends and holidays expect some gathering here.

In fact there are some precautionary measures one should take care before planning for a Pearl Valley trip. There is some problem with the GSM signal while the persons are down beside the river. For careless tourists, there are monkeys looking for them in this place. So, the recommendation is not to carry food items near to the falls and avoid consuming out in the open areas.

Pearl Valley Bangalore

Of course one may find drunkards in this place as well like other places in Bangalore and better to have distance from them. Do not carry costly things and bypass unnecessary attention. It is better to avoid entering the areas away from the spot where persons are around, since it may not be safe.

Best Time to Visit Pearl Valley

Better to visit around July–September time, when there are rains and will be plenty of water. Make sure that it is not going to be rainy on the day of the visit. The location is not befitting enough if it rains. Else, one will be let down with almost no water and anything water is that's left is muddy and not good for entering into. However, if you desire to some tranquil time away from hustle, bustle of the town and listen to some nature noise, it's a nice place to go anytime - not far off from the city.

Pearl Valley Bangalore

Getting to Pearl Valley

Pearl Valley is near to the Anekal town on the outskirts of Bangalore city. It may be simpler and faster to reach this town by Hosur road, whereas there is another route by Bannerghatta national park. Directions by Hosur road: While going in the direction of Hosur from Bangalore, watch out for Narayana Medical City and one have taken a right from under that next flyover.

From here, people have to be on State Highway 87. Keep going straight until one come to Anekal village. Then they need to take a left in the direction of Anekal Athibele route or State highway 35.  There is Venkateshwara theatre at the intersection of this deviation. One will have to drive about 2.5 km once they take the deviation of Anekal-Athibele route.

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