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Phoenix Mall Bangalore

The Phoenix market city mall is the largest mall in Asia and this mall is opened to the public very recently. This mall is full of with the leading international brands and located at Whitefield, Bangalore. The striking architecture of this mall adds up more beauty to the Bangalore city.

People can get a wonderful retail experience with the stores filled with clothes, jewellery and shoes in the floors of Phoenix Mall, Bangalore. The dining facilities match with world class standards with a large variety of delicacies in each of the restaurants. The multiplex theatre and big parking space make the visitors more comfortable at this place.

This high class shopping mall in Bangalore is amazingly constructed and most of the Bangaloreans depends this mall for their needs where they can enjoy their whole day with shopping, enjoying, eating or simply checking out the latest fashion trends. Phoenix mall, Bangalore offers many international and national brands, also entertainment shows and weekend contests make a good family time for the customers. Phoenix shopping mall, Bangalore is a joint venture, an idea born out of a bold target to provide India’s urban people a place where they can buy the top brands, convenience, entertainment and a totally wonderful experience. It is a must visit place in Bangalore city.

Phoenix Market City Mall in Bangalore

Shopping Experience at Phoenix Mall, Bangalore

If someone loves to do the shopping, then they will definitely love Bangalore, since shopping is the most popular thing that Bangalorians do when they hangout. Phoenix mall is a paradise for the shoppers in Bangalore and it provides the opportunity to make the most of their best habit come true. In Bangalore the shopping interest has got people of all categories rushing to the malls where they spend time with friends and family. Phoenix mall, Bangalore got all the preferred international and national brands under one cover to serve a wonderful shopping experience for all.

Entertainment and Movies at Phoenix Mall, Bangalore

A Bangalorean prefers to have some fun after their busy day's work. Bangalore can be called as the center of entertainment and fun activities. But still the hunger for the good entertainment hasn’t been fulfilled. One can enjoy the innovative and fresh fun activities at Phoenix mall, Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of the premier cities where the idea of multiplex theatre was introduced. In fact, multiplex theater is one of the popular entertainment activities in Phoenix mall, Bangalore. Phoenix mall provides 8 multiplex screens for the first time in Bangalore city.

Business at Phoenix Mall, Bangalore

Phoenix mall, is the best place in Bangalore, where one can try their business start-ups. Here they can find the right spot in the fabulous retail area. There is a special management system to help them to set up their retail stores.

Dining at Phoenix Mall, Bangalore

There are many dining options available at Phoenix mall, Bangalore. Restaurants in Phoenix mall offer the best services right from great food to the luxurious ambiance with easy access. Phoenix mall, Bangalore was always keen to solve the ever increasing demands of the delicious food varieties.

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