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Shivasamudram Falls in Bangalore

Shivasamudram is a small village in the Mandya District of Karnataka state and is located on the banks of the Kaveri River, sharing the border of Chamarajanagar District. In the year 1902, Shivasamudram got the credit of becoming Asia’s second Hydro-electric Power station. 

The Shivasamudram island town splits the Kaveri river into two major waterfalls in Bangalore. This makes the Island the fourth largest river's Side Island in the country. There is a set of ancient temples situated in the village and that makes the place very religious.

On an average the fall has a breadth of 305 meters and a size of 98 m with 934 cubic meters/sec as an average volume. The maximum recorded capacity of this fall is 18,887 cubic meters/sec. The best flow time is the monsoon season during July to October months.

the magnificent shiva samudram falls

People believe that the Gaganachukki fall is the left segment and Bharachukki as the right segment of shivasamudra waterfall. But the real fact is Bharachukki falls is located south-west of the Gaganachukki falls which is a couple of kilometers away. 

The reason for this actually the Kaveri river is dividing a few kilometers to the south into west and to the eastern divisions. So the east branch of this leads to the Bharachukki and the west division results in the twin Gaganachukki falls. 

The Shivasamudram watch tower is the proper spot to get a good view of the Gaganachukki waterfalls and most of the pictures showing the twin waterfalls are captured from that spot. 

There are many accidents happens due to avoiding of the warnings from authorities by the persons and taking risks with their life by climbing the rocks and try to view the waterfalls from behind or top. The waterfall is located about 139 km from the Bangalore city.

Power Generation at Shivasamudram Falls

Asia's second hydro-electric power station after Sidrapong is operating in this waterfall and so its significance more than a tourist place. Sir K. Seshadri Iyer, who was the Diwan of Mysore took the initiative to make this power station in this area and the gold fields at Kolar where the initial consumer of the power generated here. 

Shivasamudram Falls in Bangalore – A tourism point of view

Shivasamudram waterfall takes the tourists to an amazing experience. In fact the surroundings of the Bharachukki falls is little polluted, because it is considered as a holy place by some people and a group of people has even settled here adjacent to the waterfall. 

Only thing unspoiled here is the waterfalls themselves because people find it very difficult to approach the waterfall, since it is too rocky. But there are some exceptions like some film crews use the falls as a backdrop for romantic pieces of music. 

The waterfalls have left a deep impression on all those who have seen them. The river splits up around the 700-acre picturesque Shivasamudram Island. 

Gaganachukki is looks like a large horsetail and Bharachukki as a jagged crashing cascade. During the monsoon season this waterfall flows at it’s fullest around 1,000 feet wide. It is actually a panoramic landscape to see the river fall down from a height of 300-350 feet into a mist spray.

Trekking at Shivasamudram Falls

To reach the shivasamudram falls one may need to have the trekking about 2 kms through the banks of river Kaveri along with the lush greenery forest. After finishing the trekking the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall while sitting in the benches provided at the watch tower.

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