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Snow City in Bangalore

Are you planning to fly to Kashmir or near the poles to experience snow? Well, what if you find snowfall on a hot sunny day in Bangalore?  Well, it is now possible in JC Nagar near the TV Tower, with the snow-theme park called Snow City!

Bangalore’s Snow City shares a space in the countdown of the largest ‘Snow Park and Entertainment Centers’ in Southern India. Snow City is the part of ‘Fun World’ which is also an amusement park. It is a product of investment of around 15 crores by the Vajra Group.

Snow City Bangalore

This indoor-wonderland of snow covers 12500 square feet on the ground and has maintained temperatures below zero degrees. The snow city is filled with edible, filtered, Eco-friendly snow which is prepared with the help of air & water to give that real effect. For 10 cubic feet, snow machines pump 5000 litres of fresh water in this space. So imagine how much water goes into the 12500 sq feet of area? Phew!

Along with the 5D theater inside the City of snow, you can also enjoy a fantasy snow castle that has a dreamland view for all of you. Other attractions include snowballing, sliding, mountain climbing, zorbing, dancing and Basketball. Boots, gloves & jacket are given at the time of the entry.

Snow City Temperature:

The whole of Snow City is divided into different zones of temperature. The lounge area maintains a temperature between 18 to 24 degrees while the Air-Lock Room is kept between 5 to 15 degrees. Inside the 33 foot elevated ice-area, the temperature is maintained in between minus 5 to minus 10 degree Celsius. This differentiation is done to avoid any body shock.

Snow City Timings:

If you wish to visit Snow City, remember that there are 45 minutes sessions which are scheduled from 10 am to 8 pm. Session begins at 15th minute of every hour. A buffer of 30 minutes should be kept in mind before you enter the Snow City for changing into winter clothing.

Snow City Price:

For Single Session:

For anyone above the height of 2 feet 6inches, the cost of the ticket is 390 Indian Rupees else the entry is free of cost. But if you are visiting this Park on weekends or festivals, the cost will be 490 Rupees.

Snow City Contact:

Fun World Complex
Opposite to TV Tower
Jaya Mahal Road
JC Nagar
Phone Numbers: +91-7676550000, 080-23550000

Tips to Remember:

  • Do get yourself checked by the doctor before you enter snow city.
  • Be careful as the snow is slippery. There are chances for you to slip or fall.
  • Let the baby-care service take care of your children if they are below the age of 2 years as they are not allowed inside snow city’s ice zone
  • If you wish to carry mobiles inside, you will have to pay 50 rupees extra. Else you can deposit them outside at counters for free.
  • You don't need to carry any warm clothes and shoes, as it will be provided right there.

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