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Taxi in Bangalore

Even though buses and autos are considered to be most useful modes of mass transport in Bangalore, a taxi in Bangalore has a place of its own in a traveler's mind. Taxis may be costlier than buses and autos, but the comfort of traveling in a taxi is perhaps unmatched by most other modes of public transport. Here, in this article, we shall know more about the important taxi service providers in Bangalore and focus on the specialties of each of them.

Most popular providers of normal taxi and airport taxi in Bangalore:

KSTDC This is an abbreviation for Karnataka State Tourism Development Center which, besides offering a host of services to travelers, is the largest tour operator in the state of Karnataka. The level of sophistication in the technologies associated with the KSTDC taxi services Bangalore is nothing short of phenomenal with the latest GPRS systems and transparent and easy billing mechanisms installed in the vehicles, a single ride on the KSTDC taxis can turn out to be the most delightful experience for tourists from any place in the world. Service charges are not too high, yet the quality offered is magnificent.

Mega Cabs in Bangalore

If you are on the lookout for Radio taxi Bangalore that shall offer world class services without charging exorbitant service rates, then Mega Cabs is the place you should want to be at. It was way back in 2002 that the Mega Cabs service was launched in Delhi as the first GPRS enabled taxi service in the country.

Following that start, Mega Cabs has evolved into one of the finest taxi services Bangalore and catering to the needs and requirements of a wide range of tourists and travellers. Presently, Mega Cabs operates in some of the most populous cities of the country like Kolkata, Mumbai and Chandigarh- and has a fleet of more than 2500 well maintained vehicles in its repository.

Meru Cabs in Bangalore:

With the introduction of GPRS systems in cabs, the whole concept of travelling in taxis underwent a radical metamorphosis. It was through the auspicious birth of Meru Cabs in 2007 in Mumbai that the cab-based GPRS system received a major facelift and subsequently went on to benefit travelers in more ways than what was traditionally conceived.

With high end technology powering its vehicles, Meru Cabs has established itself as the service provider of a kind of taxi in Bangalore that can simultaneously be used for economical as well as luxury traveling. This cab service provider has presently widened its reach of operations to cities well beyond Bangalore and Mumbai.

City Taxi in Bangalore:

This is yet another exemplary product of Bangalore’s need for innovation in its mass transit mechanisms. The growth of a significantly large middle class population in the city, in the last two decades, has paved the way for the city to devise creative solutions for its transport-based issues. Bangalore City Taxi came into existence in 2003 when the need to handle the city’s growing population was its peak.

With its reach permeating even the remotest pockets of Bangalore, this cab service provider has well nigh changed the scenario of taxi services with its affordability and easy accessibility to all sections of the city’s population. A unique feature of City Taxi in Bangalore is that it charges its fare not from the travel house as most other cab operators do; instead it uses the pick up and drop points for fare calculations. So, if you are in need of a taxi in Bangalore that shall come to your door step without necessitating too many formalities, then Bangalore City Taxi is just the right one for you!

Taxi Services in Bangalore

Star city Taxi in Bangalore:

With an enormous fleet of cabs at its disposal, Star City Taxi Bangalore has become one of the most trusted cab service providers in the city of Bangalore in recent times. Advanced technology incorporation in the cab service has brought about a subtle fusion of affordability and sophisticated in taxi traveling. This technology used by this taxi in Bangalore includes the following elements
  • Tracking of online communications with customers.
  • Duty allocation based on well defined systems.
  • Identification and tracking of customer data.
  • Digitised fare meters and printers with simplified billing mechanisms.
  • Emergency situations handled by use of distress buttons.

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