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Tipu Sultan Palace

Tipu Sultan’s summer palace lies inside Tipu Sultan’s Fort, also popularly known as Bangalore Fort. The Palace gets its name from the fact that Legendary King Tipu Sultan used to spend his summer vacations in this palace. Although in terms of architectural beauty this palace is less impressive than Tipu Sultan’s palace at Mysore. Nevertheless it is still worth visiting as it has its own charm.

Tipu Sultan's Palace

The interior as well as exterior of this palace has characteristics of Indo-Islamic architectural style. The interior of this palace is especially majestic & is also quite well maintained. In fact it is majestic interior of this palace which makes this place worth visiting. Besides, palace is surrounded with lush green garden, providing a scenic ambiance for visitors.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons as to why Tipu Sultan fort and palace in Bangalore is so unique and still worth visiting even today.

  • This palace is constructed completely from teak wood. It is one of the rare monuments in entire South India to hold such a unique distinction. Another very interesting fact is that these teak-woods were soaked for almost 2 years in water before being used for constructing this palace
  • Tipu Sultan Palace contains the legendary Mysorean Rocket. Mysorean Rocket was a special type of rocket that was invented by Hyder Ali – Tipu sultan’s father – and in later years was greatly improvised by his son Tipu Sultan himself. Mysorean rocket was a lethal weapon that had immensely helped Tipu in destroying all his adverse enemies and indeed played a critical role in laying the foundation of Tipu Sultan’s empire in southern India. 
  • Today there are apparently 2 Mysorean rockets inside Tipu Sultan Palace, which are indeed great historical treasures that is worth experiencing by every history lover.
  • The surrounding Tipu Sultan fort in Bangalore occupies a very special place in the glorious history of Tipu Sultan’s empire. From this very fort Tipu Sultan and his father formalized many political and military strategies against British, whom they managed to keep at bay for most part of the 17th century.              
  • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace overlooks very lush, green garden which will literally soothe your mind and senses. This beautiful garden alone is more than enough reason to persuade anyone to visit this historical palace.
  • Another high point of this palace is the interior of darbar or main hall, which bears many paintings and cravings of Tipu Sultan. The artwork essentially depicts the bravery of Tipu Sultan and general lifestyle of people during those times.
  • Keeping aside all its architectural beauty and immense historical importance, this palace was the most beloved palaces of Tipu Sultan. So much so that Tipu Sultan called this palace as ‘abode of happiness’. These very words have been carved out in the interiors of Darbar hall, as a reminder of Tipu Sultan’s immense love for this palace.

The fact that one of the greatest kings of Southern India was so deeply in love with this place makes Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace very unique and surely worth visiting.

Location: KR City Market, Chamrajpet, Bangalore

Visiting Time: 10 am to 6 pm (Sunday – closed) 

Entry fees: Rs 5 per person (entry fees are subjected to change) 

Why to visit: Although this place could have been better maintained, it is still beautiful and worth visiting. Besides, one of the greatest kings of Southern India Tipu Sultan was famously associated with this palace.

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