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Wildlife Sanctuary near Bangalore

Talk about diversity in wildlife in a bustling city, and it is very rare. But true to the lively spirit of the hustling Bangalore, and the importance and awakening they have towards balancing biodiversity is really appreciable. 

Karnataka mainly has a rich diversity of flora and fauna with 18 wildlife sanctuaries in total. Few of the sanctuaries that would be close to Bangalore would be within the time limit of 3.5- 5 hours.

Wildlife Sanctuaries near Bangalore

Below are summarized certain wildlife sanctuaries near Bangalore:

Adichunchanagiri Peacock Sanctuary near Bangalore

Location: Karnataka, India (approximately 110 km away from Bangalore)
Coverage: 0.88 sq km.
Wildlife found: It was build for the protection of peacocks. But other fauna that can be seen here include jungle cat, common mongoose, bonnet macaque. Yellow throated bulbul bird is seen at times.
Best time to visit: March his considered the best time because of organisation of other events also that take place in the same month.

Arabithittu Wildlife Sanctuary near Bangalore

Location: Karnataka , India (170-200 km away from Bangalore).
Coverage: 14 sq km.
Wildlife found: Panther, Spotted deer, Wild boar, Indian porcupine, fox etc. Avifauna like peafowl, patridges and reptiles that include cobras and rat snakes are also very common. A large area is also dedicated to eucalyptus and sandalwood plantations.
Best time to visit: December to February is the apt time.

Banerghatta National Park near Bangalore

Location: Situated 22 km south of Bangalore.
Coverage: 104.27 sq km
Wildlife found: It houses the tiger and lion reserves which is recognized by FDI. The park also constitutes of a small museum zoo, Butterfly Park and also a biological reserve. The zoo also boasts of rich flora and fauna. Feast your eyes on rhinoceros and bears too.
Best time to visit:  September to January is the best time and is open 9 to 5 except on Tuesdays when its closed.

Nagarhole National Park near Bangalore

Location: Approximately 200 km from Bangalore.
Coverage: 646.64 sq km.
Wildlife found: Asian elephants, Indian bison, spotted eagle and threatened species like darters, white ibis are found here. Reptiles such as viper, Indian rock python are found with a biodiversity of 96 species of dung beetles and 60 species of ants.
Best time to visit: October to May but April and may are mostly preferred. The park is open from 6AM to 6PM but safaris take place in morning 6am to 9 am or 3pm to 5 pm.

Bandipur National Park near Bangalore

Location: 220 km from Bangalore
Coverage: 874 sq km.
Wildlife found: Many endangered and vulnerable species like Indian elephants, gaurs, tigers and antelopes can be spotted. Indian giant squirrels, chital and grey langoors are common and eye catching. Reptile species include muggers, monitor lizards and vipers etc.
Best time to visit: April to October. It is closed on Sundays and open from 9AM to 6PM every other day.

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary near Bangalore

Location: Karnataka (100 km from Bangalore)
Coverage: 104 sq km.
Wildlife found: Tiger, Sambhar, spotted deer, leopard and elephants. Cauvery sanctuary is also home to reptiles like python, cobra and mahseer fish. Even birds like white browed bulbul and pigmy woodpecker are also a sight.
Best time to visit: November to March is the best time to visit.

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