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Wonderla in Bangalore

Wonderla Bangalore is an amusement park located on the Bangalore-Mysore road spread across the 82 acres of land near Bidadi. This place sprang into action in the year 2005 in the month of October. 105 crores were spent in the construction of this park which has already catered to more than six million people in the past 7 years.Wonderla Amusement park has 56 fun-packed, thrilling rides for all age groups including kid rides, dry rides, water rides & thrill rides.

Wonder La in Bangalore

Wonderla Kid Rides:

The kid rides are designed keeping in minds-the fragile nature of children. Special measures have been taken regarding the security of kids along with the entertainment factor. Mini pirate ship ride is specially made for toddlers including harness so that they do not fall. Evergreen rides like the carousel, moonwalker, mini express and jumping frog are also available inside this section. Other miniatures include flying jumbo, funky monkey, kiddies’ wheel, merry ghost et al.

Wonderla Dry Rides:

To experience the sky and the land inside the amusement, try the dry rides. There are some thrill rides available in Wonderla as well like the Hang Glider, Crazy Wagon, Pirate Ship and Techno Jump etc. For that amazing 3-D experience you can choose from options like the XD Max, Cine Magic 3D and you cannot afford to miss the Musical Fountain & Laser show here. To experience a spooky environment pick Dungeon Ride for yourself.

Wonderla Water Rides:

Wonder La in BangaloreWater rides in Wonderla are one of the most interesting ones. Some rides offer you to slide down in twisters, others in a zigzag manner, some in straight falls and some like the pendulum clocks. If Bangalore beaches are scary for your children, you must try the wave pools here which are artificially designed in a manner that the waves are created automatically. There are two of these pools here which are filled with hot waters during winters. Some of the water rides are Boomerang. Hara-kiri, Uphill Racers, Banded Kraits etc. You can even enjoy in the in-house rain disco with laser lights & loud music at Wonderla.

Wonderla Thrill Rides:

In Wonderla, you will experience a six-floored fall into the pool, being upside-down 16 meters above the ground, twisted and turned in a whirlwind like experience excluding physics of momentum & motion and what not! With rides of 1.5 G Force, like Maverick, Mixer, Y-scream, Equinox, Insanity, Hurricane, Vertical Fall and so on, it will turn out to be the most thrilling experience of yours in Bangalore.

Wonderla Services:

In case you are tempted with these rides and want to enjoy them, pick summer or the festive season which is the best time to visit Wonderla. You can come here with your family on any day of the week and enjoy Wonderla without any worry. Wonderla provides you with many multi-cuisine restaurants in its premises which cater to your taste buds and hunger pangs. And it also provides you with all the high-end facilities like the changing rooms, pet care, baby care, parking, ATM, lockers, cloak rooms and many more so that you don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy this place to the fullest.

Wonderla Timings & Ticket Cost:

On weekdays, the park is opened from 11 in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. However, in weekends, the park hours are extended till 7 pm. The ticket rates differentiate according to the category you fall in. For Example if you are a college student, your ticket will be around 480 rupees in the weekdays but for a LKG student the same ticket will be around 355 Indian Rupees. You can also choose to purchase a General ticket or Fastrack Tickets to skip queues.

Wonderla Address:

(28th km) towards Mysore Road
Phone Number: 080-22010333

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