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Places to Visit in Yercaud

Yercaud is somewhere around 200KM far from Bangalore. One of the famous hill stations for the weekend Gateway. It is reachable via road, Train and air from Bangalore. Whereas, the best option to travel to Yercaud is via road which is the journey of around 5 hours.

Famous Places to See at Yercaud Hill Station

As the roads are quite smooth, so the travel is really enjoyable. The places you can see pass by en route Bangalore are; Krishnagiri, Salem, Hosur and Dharmapuri which finally takes you to Yercaud. There are suitable restaurants, Dhabas, restaurants and gas station of Indian Oil, Reliance and HP.It’s one of the suitable travel area-which is quite peaceful to spend the whole day with your inner self.

Here's an itinerary which can come handy if you wish to see travel this blissful land.

Day 1 at Yercaud

Me along with my team members started for the beautiful location of Yercaud at around 6 early morning. We all expected to reach the destination by around 12PM by covering the distance within the 6 hours of duration, which is considered as the best time for the Lunch. While on the way we planned to finish our breakfast.

The road is bit bad till the destination of Hosur. From Hosur the route NH-47 starts and is extremely well maintained till Krishnagiri. When you are about to reach the destination of Dharmapuri, you should be ready experience some unexpected potholes which are visible on the route. But after that location the further route is bit well maintained.

From Salem to Yercaud, the first 15-20 Kms is supposed to be the plain road which is the last 10Kms from the destination of the Ghats section. As the traffic is not busy, so the driving along the route is not at all tough and people really do enjoy driving on this route. The drive on this long stretch is good, not strenuous and the view is worth it. If you guys need to enjoy the trip then please go ahead with driving to the destination successfully and enjoy to the fullest. On the way we could not find any of the open restaurants or dhabas, so we had to do our breakfast in the hotel sideways in Dharmapuri

We ordered some fluffy idlis with some four different kinds of chutney which were really awesome. But the coffee which we have ordered seemed as if we took the juice instead of coffee, as it was quite sweet. Further continuing our journey we reached an hour late from the expected time by around 1PM.

The whole of the town seemed that it’s asleep, as we could not find anyone on the road. Reaching and tracing the hotel of ours was not quite difficult because the town is small and TTDC hotel is just next to the lake and each of the room had the view of the lake. The room maintenance was quite appreciable, because they have taken care of proper hygiene. All though they had taken care of the hygiene but unfortunately the condition of the hotel was bit pathetic. For having the dinner we choose the location of Shevaroy’s which was just a meters away.

After the long trip we thought of taking some nap and got to rest for at least 2-3 hrs. When we woke up we saw the dense fog across the lake, due to which we all could feel the cool. The location was best and nature was extreme to its reality. We all freshened up and went for the boating spree. There were different boats and each of them costing in different range according to the facilities which you sought for.

All our group members took the normal boat and went across the whole lake. After that we took the awesome bhelpuri of the Tamil taste and it was really wonderful to taste it. And finally we were all rejuvenated by evening.

Day 2 at Yercaud

We took the second day as the sightseeing option day. We started from the Rose Garden which is well maintained repository of some unique and rare plants and flowers. The plants were quite lively and seemed energetic with the environment. They also have a small nursery from where you can take the plants. The in charge of the organization is quite friendly and do provides proper tips on the gardening stuff as well.

Then we moved to the location of the Children’s seat which has the breathtaking view of the lovely location. It’s so high that it seems you can touch the skies. Other two important seats are the ladies and the gents seats. Ladies seat seems to be quite striking in the night. We went to the waterfalls of “Kiliyuri” which is around 3 Kms from the main town. As vehicles could not reach the spot so we have to decide on walking the route. Which was definitely worth it and we all enjoyed a lot.

Day 3 at Yercaud

Was the final day of the departure. We took the Idli Sambhar stuff and then moved ahead for our return trip. We started our returned trip around 10. The trip was not wonder full as it was while going to the destination because we had to face the heat of the Bangalore. This ended the wonderful and lovely trip.

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