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Zorbing in Bangalore

The quest for adventure has led mankind to innovate many sports. These are designed to provide a high level of thrill and personal excitement. Adventure activities can be categorized into separate fields, each with its distinct sports and activities.

Zorbing in Bangalore

Zorbing is one such sport. It involves the use of a Zorbing ball, a giant transparent sphere made of a synthetic material. This is often transparent and can hold a single person. In most common cases, the ball is rolled down a hill or a slope with a person secured inside. The ball is made of two layers that are designed to protect and produce a cushioning effect on the person inside. In a harness type, the person inside is strapped down to restrict his/her movements.

The first establishment of Zorbing as a sport was made in New Zealand. This was in the early part of the 1990s. Since then, the sport has spread like wildfire, catching the imagination of large sections of the population. Bangalore, being the most adventure savvy city in India has seen the development of several facilities where one can experience Zorbing.

The Discovery Village in Kanakpura Road houses a decent facility for you to try out Zorbing. But unlike most other facilities, here the orb does not roll down a hill slope. Instead, a water pool built specifically for the purpose is used. Zorbing in water can be a different experience and the other amusements available at the park can make it worth a visit.

Wildflower Mysore Resort may sound like a long way off Bangalore but the pristine setting and the experience that this place has to offer is definitely worth it. Wildflower is ideal for hosting corporate events and getaway programs with excellent facilities for accommodation and several other adventure activities.

Dirt Mania on the Kanakpura Road is known for its dirt biking facilities. However, people can try out the Zorbing balls too.

Zorbing Sports Bangalore

These resorts are not the only one in Bangalore to provide the facilities of Zorbing. Several operators in and around the city are known to be functional and locating the nearest place to try it out should not be too difficult. However, for a complete experience, it is better to choose a resort that is dependable with all the requisite safety facilities.

In case you are not interested in shelling out large amounts of cash, then the hills around the city offer an incredible opportunity in this regard. Zorbing balls can be hired for as low as INR 500 per hour and used according to one’s convenience. Several hills around Bangalore such as Nandi and Chikmaglur have slopes ideal for the activity. A lot of city dwellers prefer these destinations compared to the high end resorts that have been mentioned above. However, adequate safeties arrangement needs to be ensured as not every one of these places has the relevant permissions from the authorities. Bangalore is cool for the winter months that begin in October. These are the months when the maximum pleasure can be extracted.

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