About Bangalore

Bangalore- the only Indian city to have so many nicknames like the Silicon City, the Garden City, the Pub City, the Metal Capital of the Nation, the IT hub and what not! But you know who started this tradition? Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, named this capital as “The City of Future” just after Independence. 

About Bengaluru

Bangalore’s architecture is itself a snapshot of the international state-of-the-art buildings, monuments, roads, flyovers, tech parks, amusement centers, eating joints et al. Bangalore has become the third most populous capital of the nation and it includes more than 62 percent of migrants in its boundaries. 

Under the control of the Mughals, the Marathas and the British- Bangalore has evolved and has become one of the hotspots of the South. After all, who would have known that one day this city made by Kempe Gowda-I, will be one of the money making machines for the nation wherein many of the Richie Richs would live. 

Even after Independence and the technological advances after that, heritage of Bangalore is still at its original place. Tipu Sultan Palace, Gavi Gangadhareshwar Temple, Infant Jesus Church, Nandi Temple and many more are still preserved in their original flavor.

Famous for its art & culture, a number of Art Galleries are also present in Bangalore as food for the artistic minds. Entertainment lovers can attend traditional as well as modern events going on in the city every day like Rock Shows, Drama. Food festivals etc. 

Wildlife Sanctuaries like Bannerghatta National Park, Bandipur Wild Life; & Bird Sanctuaries like Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary have catered to the biodiversity of the Capital. For children, Wonderla, Fun World and many more amusement parks have come up in Bangalore. This Garden City is also a center point from where many hill stations and Resorts can be visited easily. 

Although rivers in the city vanished long back in the advancement of Bangalore, yet many lakes still breathe inside the corners of Bangalore. These have now become the perfect picnic spots for the Bangalore-ians.

electronics city Bangalore

Multi National Companies have set themselves up in this Silicon Valley and have provided employment to lakhs of people. Hotels have exploded in the city and so have the pubs. Markets, Malls & Shopping centers are also one of the main reasons why Bangalore has emerged as a metropolis in such short span of time.

Bangalore Airport is counted as one of the top ten best airports in the world by many. Its special segment for the Haj pilgrimages is the center of attraction for the Airport. Bangalore government also provides with many emergency services & utilities for the commoners in the field of banking, postal, telecom, electrical and many more.

Some Facts about Bangalore

  • State: Karnataka
  • Area: 710 Sq. Km
  • Population :5,840,155
  • Population Density: 8231/km²
  • Language: Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil
  • Latitude: 12.97° N
  • Longitude: 77.56° E
  • Literacy Rate: 85.74 %
  • Altitude: 920 m above sea level
  • Sex Ratio: 964 females per 1000 males
  • Birth rate (2000): 19.1 per 1000
  • Death rate (2000): 5.7 per 1000
  • Temperature: 35 degree C (max); 14 degree C (min)
  • Time Zone: IST (UTC+5:30)
  • STD Code: +91 - 80
  • Postal Code: 560 0xx
  • Vehicle Code: KA-01–KA-05; KA-41; KA-53
  • Average Rain fall: 859 mm (annual)
  • Religion: Hindus 85.92%, Muslims 11.05%, Christians 2.96%, Sikhs 0.02%, Buddhists 0.11%

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