Brindavan Gardens in Bangalore


Situated 143 Km away from the main city of Bengaluru, the Brindavan Gardens is a man-made marvel on its own. The Garden lies alongside the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, built across the disputed Cauvery River 

The idea of this gorgeous garden was given birth by the Bharat Ratna and legendary engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya who also engineered the dam and who himself was a Diwan of Mysore from 1912 to 1918. 

The construction of the garden was built during the then Diwan of the princely State of Mysore Sir Mirza Ismail. 

The dam and the garden were built during the reign of King Kishna Raja Wadiyar IV in 1932. Currently, the dam and the gardens are maintained by the Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, KRS. 

The Brindavan Garden was closed for a short span of time to shun trouble related to the Kaveri Water Dispute in 2007.


The Brindavan Gardens is located at the Mandya District, some 24 Km far from Mysore district. The dam below which the Garden was built separates the garden into two parts. 

The whole garden lies on both of the banks as if a glittering necklace is worn by the river which makes it more uniquely amazing. The garden is popularly called as the Illuminated Terrace Garden. The garden lies over 60 acres and form three steps of terraces ending in a shape of horseshoe. 

The whole garden is decorated with various tropical flower plants and other ornamental plants and designer lights. The banks were made as broad pathways alongside the river.

 There is also boating facility on the river through which one can feel captivated by the beauty of the illuminated garden all together from a distance.


The Segments of the Brindavan Gardens

The whole garden is split up in four segments: the main Brindavan Garden, the Government Fruit Orchard, Naguvana and Chandravana. 

Brindavan Garden itself is divided into another four parts: the Main Gate Area, North Brindavan, South Brindavan and the Children’s Garden. 

Interestingly the architecture of the Main Gate is designed on the model on the India Gate in New Delhi. The North Brindavan Garden has four terraces of which each one is heavily bedecked by eye-sticking lawns, rows of vibrant flower plants and flower beds etc.

There is a park situated at this northbound garden. This park consists of a beautiful dancing fountain decorated with vibrant lights and charming music. At every evening there are light and sound shows are held. This is one of the most striking things in this garden which attracts thousands of tourists from all over India. 

The South Brindavan Garden is located near the Cauvery (Kaveri) Statue and this place is called Kevaramma Circles and has a big fountain along with lawns appealingly embellished with Bougainvillea and several other annual and perennial flower plants.

The Children’s Park is situated just beside the South Brindavan Garden. The park offers various joy-rides for the children. 

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