Cubbon Park

In 1864, the Cubbon park was laid by the viceroy of India, Sir Mark Cubbon near the Gandhinagar area and hence even been named after him. The engineer of this park was Sir Richard Sankey, the chief engineer of the Mysore state. 

The park covers a vast area of 250 acres and is a major landmark in for the various historical buildings, scientific buildings, cultural and government buildings.

It was initially called "Sri Chamarajendra Park" as a tribute to the silver jubilee celebrations of the Wodeyar's rule in the state. Eventually it came to be called Cubbon Park. Initially, the park was under the care of the state, but now the department of horticulture maintains the park.

The predominantly green area has many roads which can be used by motor vehicles. There is a large variety of plants found in this park.

There are many rocks, beautiful bamboo trees, flower plants, and many monuments in the park. The park occupies 300 acres worth of flowering plants, big trees and a lot of greens. The park, even though situated in the heart of Bangalore, has a lot of greenery to look at.

There is a wide variety of exotic botanical species growing in the park. There are approximately 6000 trees in the park which consist of 96 different species. 

Many indigenous as well as exotic trees are found in the Cubbon park and it is a hub for botanists. It has few of the first oak trees introduced to Bangalore.

Cubbon Park Bangalore

High Court in Cubbon Park

This is a stone structure located at the entrance of the park which was initially called Attara Kacheri. It has been set in red hue and been built in Corinthian columns in Gothic style of architecture. The offices for the Secretariat of the Karnataka government were located here previously. Now the building is houses the high court of Karnataka.

Museums in Cubbon Park

This museum is proudly one of the oldest museums in India. It has also been designed similar to the attara kacheri. The initial collection of the museum belonged to Benjamin L. Rice. it consists of remains of Mohenjodaro. It also includes specimens of Vijaynagar and Halebid architectures, stones as old as 5000 years inscribed and ancient coins.

Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Library

This building was built in Classic European style in 1915 AD. It was built in the memory of the Dewan of Mysore, Sir K. Sheshadri Iyer. it is situated in the middle of the park, opposite to the rose garden. The library is the apex of the Karnataka library system, governed by State Library Authority. 

It has won awards for being the best state library in India. It has a collection of more than 2.5 lakh books and a separate section for Braille books.

The other buildings located in and around the park are the Indira Priyadarshini children's library, an Aquarium, a tennis pavilion, Ottawa Chatter, the state youth centre, Venkatappa art gallery, press club, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, , the Cheshire Dyer memorial hall, century club and the YMCA.

The Cubbon Park is not only on of the biggest parks in Bangalore, it is also the pride of the city.

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