Enotourism in Bangalore

Wine Tourism in Bangalore
Enotourism or Wine tourism or Vinitourism is a fast catching fad that brings with itself a new taste of sophistication and luxurious indulgence for upcoming classes of India.

This new craze is fast catching up with the upmarket society of India, across generations. 

This kind of tourism refers to a travel to some exotic vineyard (a plantation of grapevines, typically producing grapes used in wine making), where a guided tour is offered by the company administration along with tasting, consumption or purchase of wine from the factory adjacent to the vineyard.

The Enotourism was started in 1975 at the Napa Valley vineyards in the United States of America. Since then, this form of tourism has gained immense popularity among different nations finally seeping into India. But this tourism is certain region centric, as a specific climatic condition and topography is required for a good vineyard to exist.

Located in the southern peninsula of India, Karnataka has grown to be one of the largest wine producer regions of the entire country. 

Wine business has also taken up many people’s fancy in Bangalore. Nandi Hills and Kavery Valleys are few of the oldest regions with production of some of the internationally acclaimed wine labels of India. This region is a perfect gateway for wine buffs.

Wine Tourism in Bangalore

Grover Vineyard

Take a personalized tour of the Grover Vineyard, situated at the foothills of the Nandi hills, about 40kms from main Bangalore city and spread over 400 acres of land. 

The tour starts with the walking through the beautiful vineyard, with grapes surrounding you. From there the guide will take you to the Winery, where you can yourself enjoy the view of crushing, filtering, processing and packaging. 

The next stop is the La Re`serve, the cellar full of imported Oak barrels. One can soak in the art of wine storage while taking a sip into 5 different varieties of Wine produced over there. The administration offers visitors a delightful lunch in an exotic location within the vineyard. 

Kinvah- Nandi Valley Winery

This winery is a Bangalore based wine producer, with a 250 acres of vineyard spread at Bijapur. They are coming up with their second vineyard of 500 acres just outside Bangalore. 

A tour to this place is a must for all wine connoisseurs and novices. While on a visit you can enjoy the beautiful vineyard walk along with the amazing weather and terrain of Nandi Valley. 

Not to mention the winery and cellar visit can amaze you. You can take a sip in the exquisite Kinvah Red Wine and Kinvah White Wine. With wine gifts becoming an in thing for any occasions, this place has a proper gift shop with variety of wines wrapped in beautiful gift bags. 

Wine Tour - Ramanagar District

Around 70kms from Bangalore, this place is a must visit for all throughout the year. Here one can find some of the enticing and well maintained vineyards of Bangalore. This is a perfect gateway destination for weekends and people can learn the interesting art of wine making. 

A 90 mins tour takes place almost every day, which starts around 10.30am with a small video presentation about what is wine tourism and how wine making evolved over the years. Wine Tourism in BangaloreA walk through the beautiful vineyard is followed by a knowledge tour about the wine making process.

You can even take part in the wine crushing process by jumping in a tub full of grapes. 

A detailed winery tour is completed by some wine tasting. The authority will teach you how to stir, smell and sip into some amazing wine flavours.

Enthusiasts want to enjoy a wine tour at any time of the year are advised to wear cap or hat to avoid the sunlight. Moreover shades or sunglasses are also a must. Try to wear light cotton clothes and comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers) to make the vineyard walk enjoyable. 

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