One Day Trip from Bangalore

So, what are you up to this weekend? If you are planning to take that much needed a break from hobnob of the city life, the I.T. The city of Bangalore has a plethora of damn wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful located places nearby it. 

Just 90kms away from the city is Kokkare Belluru, a small beautiful village located in Bangalore - Mysore highway.  The most striking feature of this village is the coexistence of nature and humans.

Cooker Belarus is a small village, so there is hardly any good accommodation there. You can easily come back to Bangalore in the evening or can opt for some good hotel in Mysore.

Bird watching in Kokkare-Belluru-in-Bangalore

Around 90km from Bangalore is Muthathi; small beautiful village that is not very much crowded even on the weekends. It is a small place and doesn’t have any good restaurant or staying facility. However, it is close to the Bheemeshwai Jungle Lodge which is a great place for several activities and for lodging.

Located on the banks of River Kaveri and just two hours drive from Bangalore, Talkad is yet another place where you can enjoy the sandy banks. The place is also an archaeological site where you can visit some of the temples which were once buried under the earth.

Alternatively, you can go to Jog Falls that is located at a distance of approximately 377kms from the I.T. City. Jog Falls is considered to be the highest waterfall in India. 

One day Sightseeing near Bangalore

I don’t think that you would mind traveling a trivial distance of 150kms to Hogenakal, if you really want to spend some time right in the Lap of the nature. Another tourist hotspot in the row is Madhugiri Fort which is at around 110kms from Bangalore. This is known to be the second largest monolith in the entire Asia. 

The ancient fort was earlier administered by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Also it is very important to take some food and water with you as you won’t get any on your way to the top.

Bandipur National Park- It is located at a distance of 250kms from Bangalore. It is a perfect escape from the city life to just be with the nature. Enjoy camping and trekking at this place.  The famous tourist hill station Ooty is also near to it.

Srirangapatna- It is 125kms away from the city. Srirangapatna is a city that lies on the banks of River Cauvery and is a place of religious and historic importance. You can visit here various famous mosques, temples and other historical monuments.

Nandi Hills-This place is also known as Nandi Gram. It is a beautiful hill station located at a distance of just 60kms from Bangalore. Never miss out the opportunity to get to this place if you ever happen to be in the I.T. City.

One Day Tour around Bangalore

Such as you can opt for Mudumalai which is lively city located at a distance of 254km from Bangalore. The city is well connected to various other cities in the country. The nearest Airport is at Coimbatore (160km) and nearest railway station is in the Nilgiri Railway network (60km) from Mudumalai.

Next on the list is Shivanasamudram. Located 122kms from Bangalore, the place is famous for its pristine waterfalls, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. 

Around 266kms from Bangalore, Kakkabe is located. Coffee and cardamom plantations and thick dense forest take you even closer to nature. Thadiyendamol peak is the tallest peak in this region and one can also have a view of the Arabian Sea from this point. 

Another destination that is worth visiting on a two day trip from Bangalore is Chikmagalur. It is 248kms away from the I.T. City. Mullain Giri, that is termed as the highest peak in Karnataka is the prime attraction of this place.

Famous Water Falls near Bangalore

Other attractions of the place include Kondadarama Temple (It is a beautiful blend of Hoysala and Dravidian style of architecture), Jama Masjid, St. Joseph's Cathedral church that has a shell shaped portico, the 13th century Siddheshwara temple, the grand old cave of Nirvanaswam and the 17th century Lakshmi Kantha temple.

The holy shrine of Tirupati that is located just 247kms from Bangalore, needs no introduction itself. Across the world, people from Hindu religion come here to worship.  Located in the foothills of Eastern Ghats, it is famous for a Venkateshwara Swamy temple that is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. 

Kanchipuram, located at a distance of 277kms from Bangalore is also a place you must never miss. This place is of religious and historic importance and is also known to produce the finest quality of silk in the world. 

Other famous places that are worth visiting on a two day trip from Bangalore are Hassan, Mysore, Yelagiri and Conoor.  One such beautiful place is Udipi. It is 413kms from Bangalore. Flanked by Western Ghats on the east and by the Arabian Sea on the west, Udipi is a magnificent place that is popular for its cultural heritage.  

Located around 395kms from Bangalore is Thanjavur. It is a place famous for its paintings, silk sarees, cotton sarees, music and the musical instruments made up of Jack wood. 

Hampi is also a popular destination that you must include in the list. It is located 372kms from Bangalore. It is very famous for its huge vibrant markets, majestic forts, big pavilions, magnificent palaces, magnanimous temples, and stable of elephants. 

The famous places of this place are Monolith bull, Mahanavmi Dibba, Hampi Bazaar, Old palace, Royal enclosures, Zanana enclosure, Queen's bath, Ugra narsimha statue and Matanga hill. 

The nearest railway station is Hospet and the nearest domestic airport is at Bellary.

Hampi near Bangalore

Dandeli, that is located at a distance of 466kms away from Bangalore is also a place that is ‘a must visit’. You will definitely regret later if you miss the chance to get there. The adventure sports that you can enjoy here are kayaking, mountain biking, cycling, River rafting, trekking and canoeing. 

The nearest railway station is at Alnavar and the nearest airport is at Belgaum.

Kodaikanal, is at 463kms from Bangalore. The moment you hear the name of this place, you immediately correlate it with the fact that is one of the best hill stations in India. The nearest railway station is at Kodai Road and the nearest Airport is at Madurai. Frequent buses are also available at this place from Bangalore.

Other famous places that can be visited while on a three day plan from Bangalore are Karkala, Kudremukh, Karkala, Devanagere, Gokerna, Honnemardu, Badami and Devbag .

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